Ford Owners Speak Up About Faulty Focus And Fiesta Transmissions


Some Ford focus and fiesta models have some major transmission problems owners are not happy Phoebe wall Howard of the Detroit Free Press has talked to some of those folks and joins us now Phoebe or what are some of the problems these Ford owners seven having it's pretty incredible because we're hearing from people all over the United States and what they're saying is despite the fact that Ford Motor Company has dramatically extended warranty coverage the vehicles have such serious problems that the increase in warranty coverage just doesn't fix the problem the people are replacing the transmissions on you know five times eight times thirteen times in just a few years and you know I interviewed a man who had to drive home in reverse because the car wouldn't go forward he then took it back to Ford traded it in for bigger alone a different car that's the second problem is that people are finding you know I want to trade it in I've got to get rid of this and they're signing up for bigger loans to to get out of their first loan and so this is an issue where they're saying you know we just want a car that works we don't want to anyone we don't want problems but this you know there are a million of these cars on the road and and we're hearing like I said from people all over the country just saying they're hammered financially I talked to people this morning who said their wages are being garnished by Ford Motor Company that you know again they just want cars that work and they've had to pay for so many transmissions they're just broke Stevie Wonder these transmission problems pop up and how many cars do we know are affected well this is we're talking about two million consumers in the US alone affected Ford focus and fiesta the vehicles that are not manual the stick shift Dr great this is the automatic transmission controversial automatic DPS six dual clutch so there are over a million consumers to day wrestling with these issues and this is the current problem and and again they're they're pleading with dealerships all over the country in some ways the dealerships are doing the best they can you've got waiting lists for repairs when you will pay for them but these are follow the dollar hits left and right again and again and these were affordable car is targeting families who needed affordable cars to get to work to get to medical appointments and to get to school we're speaking with Phoebe Wahl Howard of the Detroit Free Press Phoebe what does Ford say about all this Ford says it's eager to help its customers that it values its customers and that trust of customers is paramount to the Dearborn based company so Ford says it's committed to making things right and wants to make things right but again we're hearing from people who only owned for a one man owned over twenty Ford vehicles and said he is now moving to monster and you know they're moving to kia and they're moving to Toyota and that's what they call it right to tell me they're loyal and they just can't trust the situation so Ford says it wants to do that do the right thing and encourages people to reach out if there's a problem the company wants to make it right so this is a very troubling situation that continues and were monitoring

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