Jameis Winston became the first 30 TD, 30 INT quarterback in the most fitting way possible


Chavis Winston's future again on Sunday the season ended why him throwing a pick six on the first play of overtime in the loss to the falcons he becomes the first member in NFL history of the thirty thirty club at least thirty touchdowns and thirty interceptions in the same season you know the expression the enemy of great isn't bad the enemy of great is good Jameis Winston is good I don't think I'll ever be great if we were running any organization ESPN NFL team what would we want what attributes would we want in our leader to me its dependability its reliability I think he's high character I think it's important and but to me that's a fatal flaw he's been a week for five years yes AT a career interceptions without that dependability I think his ceiling is to be good and not great how sorry how does it affect your decision making at quarterback from GM standpoint when your do you have to look at what's out there absolutely I think it's the axiom Jason as you want to win for today and develop for tomorrow and again Bruce Aaron's took the job he was very clearly I'm gonna ride with James Winston on the make him better but at some point you have to say Hey you know what we have to react to what we're seeing so I wouldn't franchise him and the result would franchise in is who's going to pay him a lot of money coming off of the year they just threw thirty intercepted right that's the thing I I don't mean we're talking almost thirty million dollars on a franchise tag right so I mean I think they can get a deal done for less than that well I I would need to get the deal done I mean it's right for me my I'm not signing on a big jet one of the worst things you can do when you have your hand on the ball every player's turn it over and he does it more than anybody I can't rely on that even offer me a deal and by I agree to this a further as a former player I always felt like I was a GM you guys will hold me accountable if we pay him a lot of money we're saying that turning the ball over is

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