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French fries. Okay come on Jonathan China the Jonathan from now on God. Oh No we finish is what they WANNA do. I WANNA A to lease make technology. Like let's see what God licenses Food God wanted to open up clinic in Miami in this and the he's going to be the owner. I am going to give him my machines I put in. I'm going to train people and I'm going to get percentage that he never never will own my technology. It's mine he will use it right and I am I am what does this the happen. Well this year coming twenty okay I am going. I open up my own EXP- come and go against fanshawe. God this is a game all your own your own your own everywhere yes. People need to look good everywhere. Yes but people flying nine from me for three you could only see. Let's say every day if you wanted to see four people at the most. There's millions of people chestnut about flying. Winging its about okay. Would you WANNA be in the technology of beauty than food. God I mean inc open to it will start together. But the franchise it. Yeah that's how I want

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