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A stretcher. Your sins forgiven you. We tell you something a very honest with you today. The greatest thing Jesus eases has ever done for anybody wants to wash away their sense if someone came to me and they said preacher. I've been praying for twenty years that God would heal me of this element and he has not done it and I'm not sure I want to serve him anymore because he won't answer my prayer rare my question to them. We'll be this did he. Wash away your sins. Because if he washed away your sins what else really matters you see because you may be lame here but you'll walk on streets of gold. I'd rather be lame here and walk on streets goal than walk here and be Lamen Hellfire and brimstone the greatest things. Jesus can ever do for any one of us is to say your sins are forgiven. I do not hold this charge against you. And we all know we've got problems in the flesh and we've got sicknesses and we've got got some things God's healed us up some things he hasn't but I can promise you this anybody who repents their sands and goes down in the water in the name of Jesus Jesus he will wash your sins away and this is where the awed part comes in because the Bible says when he said Man Your sins are forgiven. The Bible says that the scribes lives in the Pharisees began to reason saying who is this who speaks blasphemies blasphemies. You see I can't can't walk up to you and say Bruce. Your sins are forgiven. I can't do that Blair. Can't walk up and say you're sins. Forgiven someone comes to me for council that I'm struggling in this area and I'm having a hard time here and whatever else it is and and they talk to me about it. I don't have the power to say to you. Don't worry about lot of your sins are forgiven. Why because the Bible says right there that be blasphemy because who can forgive sins sins but God alone who can forgive he's mighty Orinoco that is God must be because only God can forgive sins and Jesus said Your Sins are forgiven the mighty God and then the Bible says he he said rise up and walk after he took away a sins? And the scribes. And the Pharisees said who can forgive sins Jesus can because he's the mighty God manifested in the flesh and when they started grumbling say who can forgive sins but God God he looked at me and he said. Let me ask you something. What's easier to say? Your sins are forgiven. You or rise up and walk but I said your sins are forgiven you that you. May they know that. The son of man God almighty God roped in Flash on earth has the power to forgive sins and then he said to the men who was paralyzed. I say it's you arise. Take up your bed go to your house and immediately. He rose up before them took his bed which he was lying on and departed hearted to his own house. And the Bible said he departed glorifying. God why because God just washed away sins sims and God just killed his body God manifested in the flesh. That's who Jesus is the mighty. God I'm so glad he is a mighty God robed and flesh. I'm so so glad he is able to forgive sins. What good does it do if my body is healed if my life flourishes with good things if at the end of it all aw my eternity is destined to be spent in Hell Fire and brimstone take this whole world but give me Jesus and let my sins be washed away only a mighty? God could have done the things that Jesus did from healing the sick to feeding the multitudes to raising the dead to forgiving sins and so I ask ask today in closing is he a mighty God in your life or or are there other Gods mightier to you putting your own self. Sometimes is he a mighty God in your life is he not just mighty but is he. Is he on the throne. Uh of your heart. Does he rule with the king's sceptre from your heart is he rule your life life have you had your sins washed away by this mighty. God was able to forgive since I invite you to stand with me this morning. Make your way to this altar recognizing Jesus as the mighty God and inviting him into your life to take up residence on the throne of your heart as we surrender our all to this mighty. God whose name is Jesus come to this altar. Thank you for listening to the mayor of ministries podcast. If this is touched you please. Make sure to subscribe for more sermons. Airman's from Pastor Frank in the ministry team here at Mironov as well as follow us on our social media platforms. We're located in Schenectady New York and if you are in the area we invite you to join us during our weekly Sunday service. Starting at ten thirty A._M.. We look forward to you joining us again next week for another anointed message. Thank you and God bless..

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