Myles Garrett: The Interview, Response, and Fallout

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Last Thursday. I sat down with Browns Defensive End myles Garrett in Los Angeles one day after he was reinstated into the NFL. The interview which aired on outside. The lines was Garrett's first media parents since he was suspended by the League for swinging a helmet at steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph Rudolph initially declined to comment but after reaffirmed his claim that the quarterback called him a racial slur. Rudolph replied on twitter calling the accusation. One thousand percent false and a bold faced lie today more from our interview with Garrett including new details on who he says he told about his allegation that fateful night then Adam schefter joins the show to discuss the steelers response. And what this means for both players going forward. I mean a crime. It's Monday February Seventeenth. This is ESPN daily presented by. Adt Back to November fourteenth. You guys were up. Twenty one zero seven just seconds left in the game even suited for the first time and how long and that gets marred by idiotic play by me and a couple other guys on both teams. And there's a brawl going down inside the ten yard line and getting in there was myles Garrett and took the helmet off of Mason Rudolph along it and that David Decastro and Marquees pouncey came in and they started really laying in so it was myles. Garrett took the helmet off of Mason Rudolph and slammed him on the top of my head dunk. Oh boy miles. We're going to get one too. That'd be suspended. Oh my goodness wow luxury what happened. I mean come off the edge by ten years less than fifteen seconds. I remember that I didn't want to be on the field but now sits out there and They were throwing that ball cells going to make a play so he started the ball. He's always wanted to throw. I'm going no the administrators on. I'm not trying to do anything illegal. I should go to take them down. He says some worry that we're going down. And he ends up on top of me and he goes to twist my helmet off. So I ended up getting leveraging topping him. I grabbed his helmet and I'll start shaking them. Push them off me and I was shaking him. His helmet comes off and is now one of his offense lineman grass and I think the Castro and he's talking to me. Tell me it's cool. Notice let it go. No Senate game. It's all good. And as he's known walking me away on my left side base incomes. Run again now. He's yelling he's already kicked me to China. Twist my helmet off and made a mistake to defend myself but Day because it's left a situation entirely. There's no need for that. No no for that at all. Wow you're you're up by twenty one to seven and video that we were watching of myles Garrett taking the helmet off brutal peniche slamming him. Which pretty bad you've just described in great detail. It sounds like something you've thought about a lot a lot of time thinking about it now. Time thing about that reaction what my response should have been. 'cause I should've have and I usually have in that situation. Just wasn't there and not just reflect the myself and allowing myself to never know being the situation but if I am to to handle it better. What did he say to you? Call me the N. Word Kami a stupid and we're I don't like I don't say the N. word whether it's not a he are to me personally just shouldn't be said and whether it's known by family friends anyone and I don't WanNa use it because I don't want to find the appropriate around me for anyone to use. So when he said it kind of sparks something but I still tried to let it go still walk away once he came back. Kinda Kinda reignited this situation and now only have you know escalate things. No Pass what it needs to be no with a little time in the game left. Now you're now you're trying to know reengaged and start a fight again and no. It's definitely not entirely his fault. Stephanie both parties. Doing something that you shouldn't have been doing so. He denied that he said what you're alleging. And then after your initial appeal leaked out and you said I wish this didn't get out at all. My was because I didn't want to try to use it as justification for my actions because there is nothing to justify like there's there's nothing I can say or do to justify what I did on that day. I'm not saying there's no to justify than I didn't do anything wrong and I know what I know what happened. I know what I heard. People say things when they're heated aren't the full of emotion. I leave it on the feel.

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