Philadelphia police officer put on administrative duty after man dies while in custody


Philadelphia police officer is put on administrative duty after a twenty eight year old man dies while in custody on the way to the hospital he would have used John McDevitt reports we see shortly after five PM on Wednesday officers were called to the parking lot of a drug store long north of Broad Street near Wyoming Avenue this will say when officers arrived they were formed a pharmacist administered no locks on to a man before police got there it's used to reverse the effects of opioids police say officers saw the man getting increasingly agitated according to authorities he began screaming allegedly started to strike cars and the ground with his body police say for safety reasons officers were attempting to get the man in handcuffs there was a struggle and a police officer allegedly hit the man with a closed fist in the face and head the man it was ultimately restrained while being transported to an area hospital officials say the man died in the ambulance in a written statement Philadelphia police commissioner Daniel outlaw says any loss of life brings pain sadness and questions for all involved she added a thorough complete an objective investigation will be conducted additionally the department is reviewing existing policies and procedures as it relates to the facts and circumstances surrounding this

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