Understanding the reality of todays senior citizens


A quick Google search about seniors health care and aging up a sobering picture of growing old. It might be difficult imagining the life of typical senior citizens but hearing the words of a seventy four year old lady just trying to exist. I reality into perspective. My mom was kind enough to share her story and offer a view of her past present and future challenges well still maintaining hope and gratitude. Let's talk about you. That'll be very brief moment. UH-HUH I haven't found a whole lot out there in the world media wise about seniors. I hate that term. Do you have a better term that you prefer to be called ALDs old part wild fires okay at this point now. You're you're collecting social security. What else that's it that's it? Yeah because as soon as I reached sixty two but I was receiving living in disability from the social security system automatically just went to social security. What did you expect your your situation to be when you were this age? I'm still trying to figure that one out. I don't know I don't know as I had the luxury extremes of sitting down and pondering any of it because I was so caught up in actually living a life life and providing helping to provide alive for for my family and then when I got arthritis it was just a matter of. You've how long I could hide. It and I was would never have been able to change jobs and so I stayed with my job because I had seniority. And they would as my ability to do certain things. would diminish in one area then I could transfer to another area and still keep my disability and my benefits fast forward then to now I mean a lot happened in the last decade dad passed away. You are living alone set in how much money you can spend. How much not spend a month on medications? Actually the medication that cost me the most is Ra mccade and it's because I'm keeping my does actually a little bit lower than what I should be getting And so it cost me about three hundred sixty five dollars. Every time I get an infusion which is is how often Every seven weeks. So we how you're keeping your dose lower than you should get why because I got to a point where I was just a little bit over and they have due to your the amount that that you get through. Your infusion is determined by your weight and so in in order to get the right amount I would have to go up another whole dough. Switches a whole vial of it. They wouldn't use the whole vile vile l.. Is Thousand Dollars each so. It's like they take the tour three drops or however much you know and so I told Dr Sun wait. No I don't I don't agree with that. It pissed me off that I would have to be paying for an entire vial. Vile that is just the US whatever part of it they need and just throw the rest away. This is the reality of things right now. How does the political of climate affect this right now Social Security is not the amount that they pay. It doesn't keep up with the cost of living so you just don't think about that. It's like I will deal with my life as it is day day-today because I don't know what the future holds. I feel like I'm so lucky right now. I don't WanNa do anything. Hey or say anything to any you know my boat okay. Okay so if you in a perfect world if you could if you could wave if the magic wand how would you want things to be I would want dad to still be alive. I would like to not have arthritis. It didn't turn out that way. There's there's always a trade off you can't have this it. You can't have good health if you can't have a perfect perfect world that you can't have a An undetermined amount of money. That you can just spend freely then you make other choices and you do what it is that you can within your parameters.

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