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Thank you so much for joining us today Dr Key. I'm so appreciative. For you share with us today. I am so excited. We're talking to you. Dr Joy part of this incredible platform that you created for all of us. Oh thank you think you so I should let you all know the Diet key and I are friends off line right so if we get way too into the girlfriend Chad. That is why I just wanted to start by hearing your thought so you are of course the creator and founder and visionary behind the village market. At L. And I just want to hear from you where this came from. Why did you feel the need to create something like the village in everytime access question? I try to always remember. What did I feel when I I had a vision? I feel that it was something I could do number one. I just been noise. Actually what they could do with manifest into so when I'm at well how'd you create the village market? How did you get this marketplace grow and stretch across the country and out of the country? My next question is God is so good because I don't know how that happened. Then happened really really quickly. Put the vision to create the marketplace crane experience for Small Business Owners and people who love consumers black consumers. They're really. All consumers loved authentic beautiful handmade products that are created by the magician ship with black people. I was going through several event here in the city of Atlanta. I love to I love market. That's nothing and I will go to these events and I felt that they were void of us of black people and I just started to do a deep dive. While was that so I love dogwoods walk. I go every year. I'd be going this year but I wonder why where we void of like artisans in that space and I realized that responsibility to create bay. It's not for people who are not black. It would be great if they were considerate of us in that way. But I don't find that George to be. Their responsibility is our responsibility to create. Excellence for it so I didn't WanNa wait anymore. I knew at that time. I I'd miss and really gifted while business owners or people read great concept but I mean if they had the right audience it could really blossom and bloom into this amazing thing and I traded to village market. I never been a vendor. I'd never booked. I never done any of these things and now has become a terrific me like I had to learn every single thing that people were experience at the village market everything but I knew that I had this thing that I could see my mind and I just kept going towards the thing that I saw. I hope I answered that. Yes yes and you bring up a great point and you and I talk about this all the time right just this idea that we really don't always know what we're doing most of the time we don't know where new right. Burt really is a process of like just continuing to move forward. Absolutely I had no idea and I think for most visionaries who care vision with work if they understand that. If we keep chipping away we can do almost anything. It takes a level of humility to know what you don't know and wherewithal in intestinal fortitude to keep digging deeper to get the knowledge that you need the resources that you need to create. Because I learned a couple of years ago figuring out how to code things like how lyrics to me way back when and just understanding event management. When I say I didn't know any of these things but I knew what I wanted. Small businesses to experience. And I knew what I wanted patrons to experience in those are the two people on my whiteboard that was in my house. How can I create an amazing experience for a small business owner? And how can I create an unforgettable experience for the Patriots and Tom and I would just chip every day and every morning on how to create this and how to make it a main thing in here we are with your amazing experiences that are just continuing to expand so one of the things I love so much about. What you do such a key is that you know yes. The village market like started as a marketplace. But it has become so much more than that I mean and so I really think about you in terms of recreating what a modern village looks like for us. As I want to hear what your thoughts are about like what do to modern villages look like in like. How do you think we can continue to grow those in our own communities? Martin village of what you are doing right now. We are ran off in the world but we have a great deal of respect for our professional careers impact ways. And anytime that you and I can work together. We choose to do so and if we're looking for resources to help us build our individual babies we look within each other which means we look inside of the village and where people think well. How do you create community you create community by the people who occupy the place with you? Share the same level vision in heart and passion. They don't have to share the same level of expertise because the village is a plethora of excellent everybody's bringing the best of the best of the bed in a level of humility chosen to occupy face to make it better for me. The village market had been beyond a marketplace. Because that was just the first step in order to really build a stuff sustaining ever-growing community we have to move beyond isolated island like concepts marketplace's one place that people can commune gather for small businesses. You and I've done wheel to be. Well we're women together. Who had it sincere? Desire inside of them is winning nineteen. She's feel better in their souls. What I do know if I didn't create the marketplace. If I didn't under the first thing that I would call do. I wonder if you would have even met if you didn't create their for black girls and be obedient with the first thing that you created dukes all the people that you work with since the great things you've been able to doing the world. I wonder if people will know who you are. How he knew creative village honestly answer to the first. Call that you've been giving into it so well so when you shine so bright and you become a lighthouse of the people who are leaders. Who are trying to be a community and everybody started working together. How does this ecosystem even manifest manifested because everybody decided to shine light and so bright in their calling in his goals without question that we can see each other? Because we can

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Sisterhood in Business

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