U.S. to evacuate Americans from cruise ship quarantined at Japan port


The more the news on this outbreak in trying of the coronavirus Americans on board a quarantine cruise ship and the port of Yokohama Japan could be flown back to the United States by the end of the weekend but their time in core team might not end their CBS news correspondent Deborah potter has the latest from our Hong Kong bureau the luxury cruise ship is being worded Yokohama for over a week now it seems an eternity it still has five more days of quarantine but Americans on board could return to the U. S. as early as Sunday when chartered planes picked them up the bad news they're expected to undergo further quarantine in the US Americans on the ship have until Sunday morning to confirm whether they want a seat on the U. S. chartered flight but before boarding they will undergo health screening symptomatic passengers might still be allowed to fly medical experts are working round the clock to understand the virus including a believe me all the just provides a bane calling and his team at the university of Hong Kong are you worried yeah I'm quite worried today at the moment I'm worried because there's so many of the the case in Hong Kong and Singapore seem to be seriously ill calling is also concerned about the possibility of new alt breaks occurring elsewhere in Asia because so many infected people traveled out of China before the lock down in Wuhan China the epicenter of the outbreak social media post show moved to Coney and measures by the Chinese government to contain the virus the front door the family suspected of being infected is welded shut and emergency workers spray disinfectant inside offices as workers just sit at their computers outside of China the diamond princess is the site of the biggest all to break with its over two hundred infections including more than a dozen

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