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Sanders Cements Front-Runner Status After New Hampshire Win


Phase following Tuesday's New Hampshire primary senator Bernie Sanders won the contest former south bend Indiana mayor people to judge finish close behind him followed by centering the clover char senator Elizabeth Warren and former vice president Joe Biden this victory here is the beginning of the end but Donald Trump vulnerable Americans do not have the luxury of pursuing ideological purity hello America I'm Amy clubbers are and I will be Donald Trump we have beaten the odds every step of the way former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg looms and he is making overtures to African American voters I think we're going to do very well and in the African American community they need a good economy they need better schools and those are the kinds of things that I can bring him Josh you've been on the campaign trail with mayor Bloomberg all week can he get over his stop and frisk policy from New York and win over African American voters in South Carolina but more importantly perhaps in super Tuesday states in early March I was really stunned to see the number of African American supporters that showed up at his events this week as we were with him in Tennessee and North Carolina even in the wake of these tapes coming out and I asked them you know it is this something that bothers you and they largely said no I think there is there is an element that similar to Joe Biden where people feel like they know Mike Bloomberg because he's been on the stage for so long they say things like I know where his heart is but look there is Mike Bloomberg is a double edged sword in a couple ways the same elements that make him appealing as a former Republican because he seems like he might be able to peel off some trump boater center right Republicans make him anathema to the part of that democratic base that wants a progressive firebrand to push their costs and the same part of him that is sort of a a technocrat data driven let statistics inform your policy makes him appealing and and successful as a businessman and mayor also means that he says said a lot of things in his career that may be numerically accurate but are also very off color and and really run people long long way and may bloomers not the only one facing challenges with African American voters may have put a judge still faces questions about his policing record in south bend insanely senator any club which are on the rise from New Hampshire faced facing some scrutiny ever prosecutorial record yeah look I won New Hampshire are very different states from Nevada and the Carolinas in white very different from the states that will dominate on super Tuesday as well and for all the support we're seeing nationally like you look at the African American vote in particular right and no democratic nominee has won the nomination without winning the majority of that but it just doesn't happen everyone has been looking at former vice president Joe Biden but when you are a whole mess image is electability and you come in fourth and fifth in the early contests you start to lose ground we're seeing that already in South Carolina who's benefited from that so far in South Carolina Tom Stiers picking up some of those voters the Bloomberg is not conceding a lot of money on TV spending a lot of money he's messaging and all the right ways he's picking up on the people who are picking up on their own doubts about about Biden but nationally in the same national polls we've seen where Biden support among African Americans has been dropping Bloomberg has been stepping in to pick up some of those votes so it's still a very fluid race I was done and I was down in South Carolina last weekend I running story about Joe Biden there is giving certainly sees it as a far well it's a place where he has to turn around has to bring Afghanistan voters out I'm a lot of folks a mistake thank you still can I talk to Jim Clyburn this week because most prominent Democrat a mistake he says if you like himself today Biden when did you go to the polls a mistake by can still has a lead he has not endorsed with Steve Benjamin the mayor of Columbia of the capital there said to me if your heart given select ability if you're coming in third fourth and fifth in the state photos of a start taking other look to different people he has a he has a foreman and stuff you want out of black pastors and state legislators and others who were with him right now the question is if they see momentum fading what do they do it what about Bernie Sanders the Vermont senator he won New Hampshire Kenny stitch together a coalition especially as senator Elizabeth Warren struggles on the left well if you want to enter any near you very nearly one Iowa he won the popular vote in Iowa and so from his perspective he ought to be the overwhelming front runner considered that way and use it if you win the first two states you ought to be on a glide path to the nomination however I I think you there's a lot of caveats around that from visit the so called democratic establishment right is there gonna just I was when I was a lovely there is absolutely there is and and they are fearful that Bernie Sanders candidacy would not be electable and and that's on the minds of a lot of democratic voters as well that's why people are flocking to favor judging Amy clover charm my bluebird because they so desperately just want to be trump they're willing to forgive almost anything else no that's not true of every democratic voter but it's true of a lot of the non Bernie supporters and so they this faction of the Democratic Party the sort of mainstream of the Democratic Party is saying you know just because he's able to win in a fractured field with twenty five percent of the vote does not show that he can be the standard bearer for the whole party that he can broaden his appeal versus being just a factional candidates what's going to be his challenge going for to see if you can consolidate more the party around Josh I remember when I first met shoes at Pete booted judges campaign announcement south in Indiana a year ago you've been covering his campaign closely as well as a narrow second place finish in New Hampshire how is he capitalizing as he looks not only South Carolina Nevada but super Tuesday well he started to really ramp up his operations in other parts of the country he's says that he now is going to have staff in every state that is competing on super Tuesday what's the message though the message is that he is a coalition builder someone that can bring people together and that is some of these other candidates start to drop out in the field windows that he will start to consolidate some of that support from these other moderate candidates but one of the things that we've heard over and over again from voters the cycles were talking to them around the country is that you know in Washington we talk about sort of the progressive lane in the moderate lane and they're not thinking of it that way you talk to Bernie supporters who say you know my second choice is that people are judging talk to Warren supporters you say my second choice is Joe Biden and so it's difficult to predict how that's all going to play out as the field continues to get smaller senator clover char you've seen minority candidates struggle in twenty twenty in this democratic race female candidates have had a rough time with senator clover jar suddenly comes almost out of no where in finishes a strong third in New Hampshire Kenshi capitalize on that quickly enough to actually make a dent in this race and and be a contender you know we've seen her kind of step up to seize the moment in her own words there she sees that they have momentum she things are messages starting to resonate with what is that message right now it's that message of this is what makes sense to me that you know you don't have to go all the way to the left to go over this with a super progressive candidate you've got to have someone who can speak to some of these parts of America that voted for Obama NO eight and twelve and then went to trump in sixteen you had a midwesterner come into New Hampshire and do surprisingly well and that is a very strong message for her whether or not it carries her for we don't know she's not pulling as well as some of the others and about and South Carolina but she's got momentum on our side and that's at this point in the race that

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Sanders Cements Front-Runner Status After New Hampshire Win

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