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Adam Scott Emerges From Crowded Field to Win Genesis Open



Adam Scott doesn't seem like he's won like five genesis before they shouldn't. You shouldn't have already been a real winner. It at Riviera explained the whole real winner. Thirty six hole win which I don't remember honestly two thousand five I can't claim to and then they went out and played some sort of modified playoff. Yeah only Chad Campbell. I guess and check Campbell. So did he get the full money for that? He got money and I think you got the trophy. I just don't think he got the official win. Okay it was. It was the Dustin Johnson Pebble Beach Title Okay. the second whole array of this week played barely over par by the way which is maybe a sign of the ball. My finally go too far. We'll we'll talk a little distance on the back end we Obviously broke down the. Usda Distance Report on last week's episode with K v V. But I WANNA get some random thoughts. I think you're chatting before we started here. Tc About Adam. Scott being you know maybe the wilderness that kind of the narrative that was being pushed was you know maybe a bit bit too far. Yeah he's been in the top fifty in the world. Since two thousand he had two solo seconds last year formers and memorial and then won the Ozzy. Pga At the end of the year there. didn't have a great twenty eighteen but solo third at the PGA Championship. I am shocked to see him putting as well as he is Is it don't know if there's anything to it that he put these are the hardest. Greens on tour to PUTT statistically this in pebble and he puts them really well. That's a sign of like nothing matters on these Greens. I don't I don't know what it means but I'm sure that I'm sure you probably feels like nobody's making butts out. Here actually might have an advantage out here. Just frees him up Randy Wise Rev week one of your favorites you. You've talked about more than I've heard you talk about any other golf course. I think it's It's such a nice course I think it starts with the course You know some iconic holes. I mind is Probably number ten which I know we can get into a little bit Eighteen you know everybody can kind of picture that uphill dogleg right with the clubhouse up there. I think you know for me. It's just Just seems to produce such a good tournament year after year after year And I don't think that's an accident when we're talking about the golf course. It's the end of the West Coast swing. I think there's a bit of sadness or melancholy that you know. My favorite part of the years is coming to an end and honestly you know. Mickelson always played well out there so that doesn't hurt But yeah that's I I don't know I think it's just the the whole. Go Sycamore. Trees I I it just really looks good on TV. And I think that for me. That's where it starts with Y enjoy the week so well similar to Augusta in in some way it's always creates a lot of drama in that guy's in groups ahead had these little stretch is a whole where you can get it like ten eleven. You know you've made that turn you. There's a couple of gettable holes and guys can make birdies get up close to that lead and but the leaders back there haven't played the easy holes yet so it kind of creates this ton of excitement and you can't really tell who's in the lead like you can see who's most under par but knowing that there's so many half par holes coming in you don't really know who's some king win this legit. If he stepped up and birdied eighteen he got in at ten Adam. Scott looked like he was wavering. There for a little bit But he ended up surviving. I just like Augusta. I think. That's a great comparison in that. Not only can guys you know. Go Low all of a sudden inclined back into it but there's you know there's some car crashes out there can't get away with any exactly so just that volatility to develop Is it just creates a lot of excitement and captures your attention watching rory get flustered today and just like not be able to find it was. I mean it's jarring I mean the guy's been total control was golf ball for Shelton Neil of course ACCUA For I don't know ten months. At least maybe more than that and just to see him have absolutely nothing. Today was just it. Was it hearken back to win? Almost when Randy was calling for him to be dead before he had officially died. But yeah that's what reveal. Do demand if you don't have it. You're Gone Russell. Henley you'RE GONNA bud. Sorry you're out of

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