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To one. But Obama battle. We made for you, and so we're doing that. You're enjoying your car ride. You're not worrying about you but I need you. When get home or pull over the median right now or block traffic and get everybody to get out of their cards. Open their phone to go to YouTube. Dot Com slash Kinda Funny Games on Youtube and just subscribe. You gotTa Google. Account I'm sure going there. Subscribe I don't care if he never watched the videos. Are you aware that kind of funny now has a decisive lead on youtube dot com slash kind of FUN Games, bullshit? To sit there with straight face and tell me KFI in review or more popular games content, they are not, but it's the problem. Is All you fucking Nerdy Gamers? Dairy. White. Okay! I need you to do it off. Your gaming asses alright. Put down the Cheetos in mountain. fucking do and go to YouTube. Knock on such kind of funny. Games? Cook the fucking sub button. It costs nothing I can't have this over me all right. He can have a better rating on feet. Fine, whatever but I'm not going to allow the sustain on Youtube Kevin also the best things you've ever done. Testing it in like working on it in I I was watching the year. No, I guess it might well. Maybe it was Xavier. Blessings episode. It was the colleen and it was like a serious moment in like fourteen. Kevin's popped up at the bottom. Then went away your work God. I love it I love it. Abe keeping in the admiral. Quick because I do want to say like if you tubes not your thing, we other options and I think that we don't talk about enough I. Don't think the podcast services having their own feed. Kind of Funny Games has a lot of different feeds that you could subscribe to. That would really help us. We got gaster. We got PSI. Love you. We also have first impressions, which is where we upload our first impression. thoughts as audio versions. We have done many of those because games have haven't been really coming out as much but that fe- does exist and subscribing all those helps a lot, and also we didn't give a shout to last week's games cast, which is the spoiler cast of the last of us aren't one. It was good girl. Good. You check that out anyway. The argument in the chat of like you can see how hard it is to make content for people where. Not even half some a lot of people were like I hate this. Greg doing the interview summary last of us and then the other half being I. I live for this. I hope they do it all the time. But you can't your minimum. But again, dot com slash Kinda, funny games. Don't let Tim Mighty the message. Just go there and subscribe right. Let's start small. We'll get into the other fought. PODCAST feeds eventually, but for right now..

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