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Lot different this year. With those Kobe and 19 restrictions students at Auburn University reacting to the mask requirement on their campus, I just think when you're passing people on like, No one really stays 60 When you're walking around campus, it's kind of hard to say 6 ft from everyone. Something is just an extra precaution. I don't have a problem with it. I think it's it's safety first. And that means that I get to eat Chick fil A and I will gladly put a mask on They say most of the students are complying. Special camera technology is used to apprehend a suspected car jacker. Jefferson County deputies say they arrested 22 year old Christian gauge Rydell Hoover on robbery and assault charges. Investigators say a driver gave him a ride and when the victim got out to check on car trouble, Rydell Hooper got into the driver's seat and took off. The victim tried to hold on to the car but was dragged so he let go. He walked to the Pleasant Grove Police Department to get help. After detectives determined Rydell Hoover was their suspect. The use Blocked cameras to locate him. He's now in jail on bonds totaling $75,000. I mean Gene or Bell. And I'm Jim therapy. Your next news at six or Michael Berry in three minutes on Birmingham's news, traffic and weather station news radio 1055 w E R C $1000 stimulus Right $4000 win $1000 for everybody to 12 chances today. Every weekend rich for where a mask don't wear a mask. I never win anything that's out, Great, Luke. Just before that news at the top of the hour. You are eligible for the $1000. You're welcome. Such a great thing we're doing on used radio 1055. W E R C Hi, Rick. Gentleman here joined me to find out what you need to do with your.

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