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There's things that we want for ourselves. That god wants more for you. But the problem is we see persecutor God means going from everything i love to do. And we don't understand. This guy is like i as your father. Wanna give you these gifts that you want but i got way more for you so i felt a lot of creativity in my prayer time. We're gonna pray. I'll take something like this clipboard. And i got cancelled. I'm sitting here sketching out ideas and guys giving me stories and songs music. Wait a minute been doing this sooner. How much more would accomplished how much more wealth i miss. Not on all things. A lot of was missed. What god really has for us. Because we think he's was be religious. He's it'd be religious deepen some kind of monk and guys like you kidding me. I know the plans. I have for their goods. Like i'll give you these to enjoy. But i don't want you to get him from ideology. I wanted to get them from me. You've just heard the incredible testimony of paris. Bowen's a musician composer creative artists and one of the most influential people behind some of the most influential music that you've heard in gospel r&b and beyond and he shared his heart with us in this episode. He has a incredible member of the garden. Gigs community from the get. Go but what he shares today is going to help you to live your best life to embrace the spiritual journey that you might be on even if it has twist and turns and realize that there's more ahead of you than behind you as a god centered creative. I appreciate him so much for his heart. And i want you to make sure you plug in and listen to every word of this interview. It's a life changing.

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