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It makes me kind of uncomfortable to know this now that I'm going to watch another month of her judge. Ching the show when she is like, oh, I'm going to rehab like in a month. Yeah. Yeah. Like I'll take care of myself, but you know what a month. Yeah, I'll I'm gonna keep you having the jokes, just like all just for the next month. I'll just like keep judging national. Show, and then I'll go to rehab when it's over. People are going to be mad that she still on the show. But the thing is like she's been blacked out this entire time and nobody's realized so. She has made some questionable judging decisions. Let me tell you really. There's been times when she's like, said some things or didn't like some things, and people are like Mel like what she just kinda looks out of it out of it. Well, so leading back to the blind items, there were multiple blind items about Melby having a drug addiction and how she always blacked out and this and that turned out like her to be true. He said, really, she's at a really awful voice. She has PTSD like from that bad divorce, battle in the separation and all the pressures from that. And yes, that's that's. So that's like blinds, Nell that they've been talking about that for it makes it makes my husband because I wanted now to comes out and says it all and she's again, I'm going to rehab. I have this problem. It's basically everything, but I want to believe certain things and I don't wanna believe certain things like, 'cause it's our big. Or right? Yeah. And then some of them are definitely like definitely reach when I see them being right about Melby going to rehab, I'm like, damn, are they write about us to be burned, Haley? Baldwin, like my heart can't take that. Yeah, I just pick and choose the ones I wanna believe, you know, when I see one that I'm like, oh shit. I'm definitely real. But then when I see one about made me sad, I'm like, that's not true. I see shit about Healy Baldwin. I'm like, no, they don't know her get -fensive as she's like my friend. I know I feel the same way. There's some and I'm like, that can't be true. And then I just just brush off and pretend like it's not really. Let's be reminded that they did nail the Bruce Jenner Caitlyn Jenner thing. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin, Spacey all of that. You know, it makes my head hurt my head hurt because I still don't know how they figure all this out. Yeah, Mel Janning and general. They predicted to a new Channing. Tatum one was wild that you know, it's funny. I didn't know what any of this was until that day because you told me that you read it on there and I thought you were on the dark web worried about you turns out now I'm on there too. They're more than I am now. Probably Mike. So like zoned into it..

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