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Is prepared to leave with plenty of time to avoid the severe conditions now we did speak to the baldwin county sheriff's office today they said that they do have deputies on standby their fully staffed with those deputies that will be on standby we'll be ready to respond to anything should the conditions get worse they say they will be keeping a close eye on the road conditions looking out for any flooding that you guys need to be aware of for now reporting live in gulf shores i'm cory pippen nbc fifteen news aren't thank you corean dolphin island alabama is still recovering from hurricane nate that hit in october and now they have to prepare for alberta that's where we find cassie fan bro both vacationers and locals are preparing for what could be a severe tropical storm in alberta we've been out here all day and what started out as a calm day has now turned into an eventful evening with whipping winds fishermen where we are packing up and heading home now again it was calmer today but those dark clouds did show up this afternoon to remind visitors that an unwelcome visitor alburto will be here tomorrow locals are still reeling from hurricane nate damage the island eight months ago eroding beaches and ripping apart the peer that has been rebuilt that most people do fish off of locals who have been there done that are preparing by putting up their furniture and vacationers tell us they brought flashlights and car games to kill time win the storm hits now we did talk to area business owners throughout today and they say that since they have experience with these kinds of storms they will not be closing down unless conditions deteriorate a lot worse than they are now for now reporting in dolphin island cassie fan bro escambia county is no activating the emergency operations center at noon tomorrow that means all hands are on deck it is their highest activation level of a level one so it will be fully staffed after initial meetings and briefings then they will decide on the hours they will be opened based on the forecast santa rosa county will also be activated their emergency operation center also at noon tomorrow they will be out what is referred to as a level two partial activation that means key personnel as well as the sheriff's office school board a department of health will be.

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