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Hope you enjoyed that insightful. And really informative conversation with sheldon and took something away from his episode. Now this was a different kind of gifts that we've had before because we focused very much on sheldon's creative process and he's mindset for riding character pieces which i think is something we can learn from an apply to creative endeavors in business too. I'd love to know what you took away from sheldon's episode leave a comment below the blog. Post which you can find that enough biz dot. Co forward slash sheldon shore that is s hike e. l. do in s h. I w all lower case all one word in over biz dot. co forward slash sheldon shore. You also find contact information there for getting in touch with sheldon as well as links to his website his social media pages and the other resources we spoke about in our conversation today. If you like this episode please do share it with at least two other people that it might help. It's your service to those people and tag in that chair. So that i can reach out to you with a special. Thank you surprise. Sheldon suggested the. We have a conversation with kelsey warren. A musician who has transformed his work through innovation on a future in over buzz podcast episode. So kelsey keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation from us to the of about podcast courtesy of sheldon shoal kunin again to the next episode of the inova buzz. Podcast where we've got more fantastic guests lined up including anna adams of wicked marvelous and brian jones of the platinum. Thanks for listening to this episode. Mike shaw you. Subscribe to the show to be reminded of new episodes. Free to subscribe review. If you even like. I'm like i'm asking you to leave a review because it helps other people find show biz dot. Co to join him marketing transformation community and a free gift. My team and i made for you. It's the marketing mazda mini class. We wanna give you everything you need to. Transform your marketing. Indoor human senate relationship trumka's whereas engine until next on on your stress from in his remember. Be awesome and keep innovating ahead..

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