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How smart their coaching staff is and the Tucker factor where if you're over the 39 yard line, you get three points. I just think it's going to be close. I don't care, but it Huntley could kill him, but that's really the only reason whatever. They've been in these 13 to 16 games for three months now. Yeah. I very much think the ravens cover. I'm not sure I'll put actual American dollars on it because I'm not sure I will feel good about that in the month of January when Tyler Huntley is playing, but it is tempting. I think that if we see I think it's I think it's a stay away. I think let's be careful game personally. If we see a shocking upset this week, you come back from the future and you tell me one of these huge favorites lost. I'd place a lot of chips that that team was the Bengals, losing to the ravens. And what's going to be in a very emotionally charged game. These two teams were the hissed at each other for the entire week 18 game and then still a little bit afterward and it's going to be hot. We're going to talk about the other two games with Danny and Raheem, but just quickly, who do you like out of those next two? Ten seconds. Yeah. I like the Giants to be the Vikings because I think the Giants are just better and the Vikings are not good. And then cowboys bucks, I'm gonna pick the cowboys and I'm gonna cover both of my eyes with my hands and not take them off for 60 minutes. That's an ugly one. Cowboys to win the first half, Tampa to come back and win the game. Plus 800 on FanDuel. Cow was about what is it? Excuse me, bucks have had like three comebacks in the last four games. The cowboys that was two of their last three losses were just I'm choking in the last quarter of a game. Anyway, all right, Ben solo. Enjoy the football this weekend. Good to see you. Yeah. Thanks appreciate it, Bill. This episode of the Bill submits podcast is brought to you by peloton. When you started a new workout program, there's always that initial burst of motivation, sticking with it, that's a different story. We've all tried a new fitness routine and then dropped it, peloton. It's different. They're more than bikes, they also make treadmills and rowers. So you can take a ride or try a power walk on the tread or a full body boot camp on the road. Look, you know what peloton breaks to the table at this point. The best part is the instructors. You know, you can cycle through. It's like video dating in the 80s, except it's platonic. You just go through, find the instructor you clicked with, and then you go, they have 11,000 hours of workouts featuring Pearl Jam. How about that? Find what works

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