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All you will you actually the documentary at the moment taylor catch why that this scanty interesting how they're they're blending in a documentary with you know taylor catch and i thought we had some point they will go back to tailor catch you know i'll see him he'll see your me to join the interviews of the people that survives rave fire of the branch dividians and so in then it's like our two is starting yeah and there's still no taylor kitchen finally i go back and take a look on the thing a any ios is doing a documentary but they are interviewing all the former branch dividians and they still are messed up happened to say it but it does sound like the fbi just had that all one via all my to listen to the negotiator the michael sharon surely wouldn't listen to him and then they just kept force force force for us i mean it really in the michael shannon character knew about um about cults and knew about their beliefs in um he we found was down and he was on with maybe kobero allow k and with a mustache oh lord i thought i was just i was like michael shannon and a because he's on the vanity fair hollywood issue cover and dumb anyway he talked about that as show because he's producing at with taylor catch and he said that the fbi negotiator who's this tv series is based on one part or part you know the he said forget fascinating he said it is so fascinating ray you know how when trying to each other right well i mean and luckily the or even though it is terrible thing happen but then something good came out nick is than the change how they operated to branch dividians the fbi built all the of all i didn't know are you add to that part you're you're not no i mean that's just the historic reagan no that fair they don't do that because they had ruby ridge the more instability ends ruby rich there was a tragic yes and ms hedh and that's what his whole belief is that.

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