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Small amounts of radiant particulate matter that escaped from Fukushima as a result, the climate scientist James Hansen, and a colleague found that nuclear plants they can actually credit nuclear plants with saving nearly two million lives today. Eight lives that would have been lost to air pollution. Yup. That's the calculation. I mean, fewer than two hundred people from zero from Fukushima but over two million lives. Saved that would have otherwise been lost to air pollution, even in sunny, southern California or in sunny, California solar farm requires four hundred and fifty times more land to produce the same amount of energy as a nuclear plant. And here's where the real world example comes in a single coke cans worth of uranium provides all of the energy that the most gluttonous American or Australian lifestyle requires all of the waste fuel from forty five years of Swiss nuclear Swiss nuclear program can fit in canisters on a basketball court like warehouse where like all spent nuclear fuel. It has never hurt a fly. Nope. By contrast panels require seventeen times more materials in the form of cement glass, concrete and steel then do nuclear power plants and create over two hundred times more waste. It it actually makes me laugh, right? It actually makes me laugh, you know, just the process alone of creating these solar panels create a ton more waste and cause problems. I love this part experts fear that you know. Okay. So a solar payer has about a twenty to twenty five year lifespan, and it's got to be replaced right experts. Fear that these spent solar panels will be shipped along with other forms electric waste to be disassembled by poor communities in Africa and Asia whose residents will be exposed to the dust from toxic heavy metals, including lead cadmium chromium. So all you environmentalists. That are touting love, your solar panels and tickets, so great, do you feel good about what happens to those solar panels of their lifespan when they get shipped the third world countries and individually killing people with the waste of that they are that are released as their disassembled and right around this time yesterday, one of our one of our favorite callers, Don in Burnsville called up and talked about well, you know, you just we. If we if we took the same mentality that you guys had we'd never would have tried to go to the moon. So we just have to try. Well, if you're talking about renewables being safer, the answer is no wind turbines, surprisingly, kill more people than nuclear power plants. It's true that you can stand next to a solar panel without much harm while if you stand next to a nuclear reactor at full power, you'll die, but when it comes to generating power for billions of people it turns out that producing solar and wind collectors and spreading them over large areas has vastly worse to impact on humans and wildlife alike. And again, this is all coming from an individual who completely one hundred percent believes in global warming was happy that President Barack Obama got elected because he felt like you'd be able to go and push the green agenda through through all these renewables. But when they actually went and looked at it the true cell set you free. You know, but the truth is out of style right now. The truth is a matter. Nuclear plants are a revolutionary technology a grand historical break from fossil fuels as significant as the industrial transition from would to fossil fuels before it. Nobody wants to embrace nuclear nuclear is the only problem with nuclear is that it's unpopular, right? That's it. That is the only problem with nuclear. It has been a victim of a fifty year long concerted effort by fossil fuel renewable energy anti nuclear weapons. Campaigners and misanthropic environmentalists to ban the technology. Hey, you know, what you can't run a submarine on? A solar panel and a windmill. Of course, you know. We're totally fine pudding. Brave men and women in metal cans, you know, to to protect the country powered by, you know, towards the basically sitting in one big gigantic canned of nuclear power, right? We'll we'll do that. And it's efficient, and it's great, and we use that for a reason man, but heaven forbid, we go and use that very same same technology to actually go and have us power our daily lives, and this this this this bar blew me away. France shows you can look at what happened in France. And they show that moving from a mostly nuclear electricity to a mix of nuclear and renewables results in more carbon emissions due to using more natural gas and higher prices. Do the.

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