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C Blackhawks leading the ST Louis Blues to nothing after two periods of playtime for our second period discussion as we head down the hallway once again for a couple minutes with Troy Marie in the Wintrust Blackhawks broadcast booth, So these two goals coming About a minute and 1/2 apart. Troy, the main thing that stood out their net front presence in both cases in India and Dylan Strom's case on that second goal, not giving up on the back check when it seemed like ST Louis was heading out of the zone and then retreating back to the front of the net. You gotta look at it a couple of ways. I think that if you're ST Louis, you're not happy that they didn't make some decisions and move their feet and get that puck out when they did get possession from the corner. If you're looking at the black Hawks perspective, you're absolutely right. Nice job by Dylan Strome to keep after it to keep the puck within distance. Track it down, battered over to Patrick Kane and then head to the front of the net. You saw both goals. Very similar one coming from the left side, one from the right side. Across the blue paint area, the 1st 1 to Brandon Saad, on the far side of the net. With the stick on the ice. The 2nd 1 Dylan Strome on the far side of the ice with a stick on Far side of the net with a stick on the ice. The willingness to go to that blue paint area's going to be critical if you want to win playoff Siri's and right now you like what you saw in scoring those two goals, sloppy play by The ST Louis Blues defenseman around that area, but at the same time, good determination on the black oxide of the equation and you brought it up to John. We know the history between these two teams this season in terms of the way the blues have kind of flipped a switch there in the third period, So this is a nice little hump that the Blackhawks need to get over before heading into action on Saturday. Well, I I hope that ST Louis comes out and really test the Blackhawks and because you're going to need that You know, you know that there's going to be pushes coming in the playoffs and you know evidence is going to have chances with their top guys on the ice. How you survived. Those moments will be critical. You'd like to see ST Louis really come on here in the third period and forced the Blackhawks to make some tough decisions make some quick plays in their own mind. How they defend against a team that's pressuring you. You know, lots of good things can happen Even if ST Louis comes out and plays a strong period and it plays the Blackhawks. You want to see how they handle that pressure at this point, all right. Ah, let's let's do something familiar as we all knock the rust off here. Well, maybe me more than more than you and you and John so far here tonight, but let's place a mass Troy approved by Team Hochberg visit W. Gen. David dot com. And George from Geneva is asking you. Do you think this long layoff is a benefit to a team like the Blackhawks? You know, I mean, it's it's half and half. If things go well, you could say it benefit. I think you would You look at it with the All Star break and the weak by break that they have. He could be a hot team going into that all of a sudden a week off and you come back. You're cold. For the Blackhawks. You know they were kind of playing 500 hockey type of thing at the before The break was they played a solid game against the San Jose Sharks, but I think it You know, for guys like Kirby, Doc and Alex Knee Lander, and some of the younger guys now have an opportunity to kind of digest. What happened during the season and come back gives him that opportunity. They are the youngest team heading into the postseason, but they do have some some veterans that have one more cups than most guys in the play offs this year, So they've got a nice blend of old. Oh, and young, and we'll see how that pans out here. But, you know, to answer the question that George ask. It's just hard to tell what you know what team or what type of player would benefit from more from this you do have you know the opportunity to get Calvin on back in the lineup? It was close to looking. That Brent Seabrook could be able to join the group in Evanston, but he decided that he wasn't quite up to par and you can't bring an extra guy along who's not going to play it and just use him inside the locker room? So you know I like what I've seen so far time will tell whether it was good or bad. Like writing a black ass Choi. It's like riding a bike for you, Mr Michael. Exactly. Submit your questions. W generator dot com Backslash Contest approved by Team Hochberg. We'll do it.

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