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The you ask for another cover the back seat and do stuff. I know. I did not. Have sex with Oriana in the back talking about did this happen with Arianna myself. Yes, am I about to blow Arianna spot up with Jackson Britney right now? Hell, no. I was going to say, well, those are really good actor. I really was just like no I believed for a second to push even said to Arianna. If you had told me not to tell anyone I would've gone to migrate with that secret. Like sweet, I mean. Yeah. It's definitely like I personally am glad that that information is out there because they're two beautiful ladies, and I love sexual expression of all kinds, but Sandoval was pretty out of line the way he feel that information to the guys it was like they're all sitting around drinking and smoking cigars, and I was just like, oh really you've been relationship with a girl before. Okay. Tom told toll thing that is not your business to tell without running it by the people who really involved it was slightly annoyed that night because I was fine. Tell me your annoyed. He seems like such a good boyfriend. And so support. Tive? So it did make me upset that he had that misstep in by the way. Just so ruled my eyes when he was like you as Rabin annoying that night, you were both drunk can live, right. Just enjoy that car ride. Okay. Yeah. He should have just been like, okay. I was surprised though. Ari on his reaction. Like, I was surprised that she's so closed off about it will I wanted to talk to you about that too. Because I thought it was really interesting in her interview when she was kind of talking about why she didn't really want it out there. I've been with women in the past. And obviously been with men I would rather not label things and just kind of if you're talking to somebody you're attracted to them. And if you're not you're not and that person can be. Male female or anywhere in between. And she made a good point about like being bisexual like as much as that is an absolute form of sexual identity there still somewhat of a stigma around. I think a lot of people in the gay community and the straight community sort of like don't really always believe it. You know, like, I think people want you to almost be one or the other even to this day, when you know, be is the LGBT, you know, so vice actuality is a real thing. And I think she kinda just felt like I don't feel like trying to explain it to everyone because. Yeah, I'm with Tom now and that I've been with women before. But like, I don't feel like I wanna have to explain myself all the time..

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