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Barbara, was married to Jack rugby. They had four children and all seemed like rainbows and butterflies. But she had an affair with one of Jack's coworkers, which is yikes. Very messy. This coworker was named Ken knight. So when the affair was discovered, Barbara was forced to move away from Aberdeen in New South Wales hunter valley to moire with Ken. And remember, there are children involved here. Two of the rugan children would stay with their father Jack, while the other two went to live in Sydney, Australia, with an ant. This is when Catherine comes into the picture. But not just Catherine. Also, her twin sister, joy. Catherine enjoy were born to canon Barbara on the 24th of October in 1955 in tenterfield, New South Wales. Catherine was one of 8 children in this home, which that is a lot of kids and that is a choice. Four years later, in 1955, Jack rugen dies. And when this happened, the two children that had been staying with him went to Barbara and Ken. Now this isn't the greatest. You see, Ken was an alcoholic, and a severely abusive one at that. I do want to toss out a little warning here in this next little part. I'm gonna be talking about abuse and sexual assault, so if you would like to skip ahead, now is the time to do so? As I said can was highly abusive. He would rape Barbara upwards of ten times a day. And this isn't something that was isolated between her and Ken. The details, blood into the lives of the children via Barbara. Barbara would often tell her children. All about her sex life with Ken, which wow. Not even in the ballpark of things you should be talking about with your children. Barbara would also tell them just how much she hated sex and men in general. So super unhealthy situation we've got here right from the jump. I told you we should not be adding more kids to the mix here. And yet we are. Catherine has stated that in her youth, she was sexually abused by multiple members of her family until about the age of 11. She did say that her father was never one of these people, though. Psychiatrists have gone over this bit, but they do question some of the details that.

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