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Terry's not the same state 1980 radio 10 20 Well. The Pirates had dropped one late yesterday in Cincinnati, but Former prospects made his major league debut, Jim Colony as sports. Thank you guys. Good morning, everyone. Pirates lost of the Reds again, this time for the one Joe Musgrove gave up the four runs over five innings, so he's still winless. It was a bright spot Blake Siegel and made his major league debut with 123 inning. He hit 99 on the radar gun. So at least GM Ben Cherington has that stuff so good that you know, it's just really getting in the strike zone being aggressive with so now a chance to Test that against big League hitters. J. T. Brubaker starts again Cincinnati's Luis Castillo tonight on the road 6 40 on the fan. The Jaypee Roofing preview at 5 15. Steelers home against Denver Sunday at one No sooner had tackle Zach Banner. Wanna starting job, his season's over schedule for knee surgery On Friday, Mike Tomlin points out that juke succour for nearly one that job to begin with, broke out started capable and I still feel that way, so I'm extremely comfortable with shoots in his ability to play in his overall readiness. Nonetheless, the Steelers are expected to sign their former draft pick Gerald Hawkins, off the Texans practice squad. And Tomlin sounds optimistic regarding Stephan was new Ski and James Connor home against Syracuse Saturday at noon on the fan, The Pat Narduzzi coaches show this evening at six on NewsRadio 10 20 years. Jordan heavily scored 12.5 minutes into the second overtime, the Islanders beat Tampa Bay 2 to 1 to force a game six tomorrow. In the embassy. Jamal Murray scored 40 points is Denver eliminated the Clippers 104 to 89 US Open Golf Dustin Johnson, the favorite 7.5 21, Round one tomorrow from the Pittsburgh Senior Benefits Advisor Sports Desk. I'm Jim Colony. NewsRadio, 10 20, Katy K. Sports Online video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio morning show it Larry, Richard and Kevin Battle..

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