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Hey, Zack me, right? Recordbreaking lifetime coal rubes global warming. And this is what brain dead left-wing Americans retreated to it doesn't have to be CBS can be CNN MSNBC any local. News organization is going to report this same gobbly Gook. And they don't even they're not even afraid of the charge of hypocrisy. So they take call. Do you know that it is hot this time of year every year in Australia? Every year they have seemingly scorching hot summers. And it's always in January that's summertime in Australia. There's nothing unusual about it. So we've got lifetime record breaking cold in the upper midwest. But because it's summer in Australia. Proof that it's all global warming. I'm still struggling with how to overcome stupidity. That doesn't know itself is one thing if you talk into some stupid person knows they're stupid, you have a chance with them. But if you're talking to stupid any who don't know that they're stupid idiots, you talking ignoramuses at don't know, they're ignorant, if you're talking to stupid people who think they are, intellectual brilliant. You have an almost impossible task. Here is ABC is good Morning America. The chief national correspondent Tom yomas reporting about the cold weather in the mid west. This is incredible. We are in the middle of lake Saint Clair. We're off the coast of Detroit. This looks like an Arctic out here. But it's actually a lake. This is one of the busiest shipping lanes of the Great Lakes. The ice is so thick. We're actually up to walk out in the middle of the slate and this ice tortoise, see. But if you look through the ice, it's about eight to ten inches this ice everywhere. You look with this is a leg up. Take a look at how victim of this ISIS glaciers right here. Super thick nowhere to go. Sky. Sounds totally bath. Does he not? 'cause I'm sure this guy thinks this is not possible. The global warming people did not predict record breaking cold. They never do they waited happens. And then they claim it's never they're doing nothing but protecting projecting and predicting eat as you all know, they're talking about the greenhouse effect and CO two rising melting glaciers, that's what they're talking about. That's what all these doom cops are expecting. Now, we've got glaciers in Detroit, and this guy's baffled because they tell us the glaciers are melting everywhere. And yet here's one ten inches thick in Detroit. It can't figure it out. Mind-boggling? I mentioned this earlier, and I had emails you didn't make it up. Right. You're trying to make us laugh. No. Here we go audio sound bite number four. CNN tonight. Don lemon talking. He's a guest here with freight. Oh, Cuomo enter talking about Kamala, Harris, here's an interesting thing. That's happening. The whole idea of how does she identify? Does she identify as an African American? Did you see the thing going on on social media? Apply as a person of color because when asked by Jake, if she, you know, as a black woman, she goes as a person of color, remember that whole thing with Obama is he black enough that is different than identified. But is this an interesting conversation to me that I hear people talking about? It's silly. It is stupid. But it's precisely identity politics. They didn't a whole segment here on is Kamala. Harris black enough is she really African American just like we had to discover about Obama. You know, he wasn't all that dark, and then they found out. Well, he's half. His mother was white. Doesn't matter as influences are more important than. And they start running around and some of the Obama opponents on the democrat side. So he's not down for the struggle. This guy. Obama does not have any slave blood. They were saying this folks, if you don't remember don't don't doubt me. So Obama had had the counter this he had to counter the idea that he had no slave blood. Meaning that he was not down for the American civil rights struggle. So he'd go down to Selma. So I'm sorry. So you have to almost cry when you so. And the Reverend Jackson is there, and the Reverend Sharpton is there and Obama puts on just like Hillary Clinton when she goes to Selma. I know way tired and the crowd here. Those are black inflection impression and Obama did the same thing. I forget what words he said. But he started speaking in African American type dialect because he knew he wasn't down for the struggle slave blood. Well, they're talking about this all over again, Kamala Harris, she dark enough, she really really African American or not. And it's an important thing. These guys are acknowledging it, so Don lemon continued this in depth and very very important discussing African American is different than being black. You can be black and Cuban you can be black and Caribbean. You can be black, and you can be black, and, you know, South Africa, crispy experiences different as an African American someone who's culture and experiences are born out of the American slave trade and out of Jim crow is different than someone whose ancestors weren't. And you didn't have those experiences if you were born out of that if you have roots from that particular struggle say we're getting there folks, we're getting there. Kamala Harris, we don't know yet. If she down for the struggle. Obama was not down for the struggle. He did not have slave trade blackness. And he didn't he didn't. So these people are discussing are these black candidate darken make toodle white are they really us. And here's the the. I'm looking here if I can squeeze three things in here in the time it got left. Here's the next Don lemon bite. Let's just see what happened. I think it does matter. I mean, it does I think Barack Obama went through that. I do think that is an important distinction. Just like there are people who are from Italy who come from different parts, and they all identify as a talian. And I'm sure the same thing with Jewish people or with Irish people are black Irish or what have you? So I think that people especially African Americans people who, you know, their ancestors came over on safe ships and had that particular experience as a person of color in this country, their ancestors, and then beyond I think that that is an important distinction. Do you identify as a person of color, a black person or as distinctively an instinct, Italy, African American and? Struggles that the left is going through now as potential democrat nominees who are people of color began to tell each other how they identify because you know, person a caller is different than black as different than being African American different. Being Cuban American Jamaican American because it'd be down for the struggle. Well, this all lead, you got Barack the magic negro handing by their you know, what I'm gonna. I'd we're not forget the answer. We take the break. I because I'm not sure that time a Barack imagine Negron I'm up against it on time. So let's take the break. We'll be back in continue right after this. Don't go away about magic continue on the network. Ten.

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