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Los Angeles County reported More than 2600 new cases of the Corona virus. Deborah Dr Deborah Burger, with White House notes that more than 150 counties in 13 states are now reporting a rapid rise in cases. More from ABC is Matt Government. President Trump has touted the nation's lower death rate. But White House Corona Virus task Force coordinator Dr Deborah Brooks, warning the surges in cases will lead to more deaths. We have not seen this result in increased mortality, but that is expected as the disease continues to spread and some of our large metro areas the nation's top infectious disease doctor, Anthony Fauci, saying We are living in the perfect storm right now urging states with severe outbreaks. To shut down. President Trump's longtime ally, Roger Stone, said he might have died of covert 19 in prison if his sentence was not commuted by President Trump as it was on Friday night. More on that from ABC is Karen Travers. President Trump on Friday commuted the prison sentence of his longtime friend and ally, Roger Stone. Stone was convicted last fall on charges of lying to Congress, tampering with witnesses and obstructing an investigation into Russia's election interference. He was scheduled to report to prison next Tuesday. At the White House. Friday morning, The president repeated his belief that Stone was treated very unfairly by prosecutors. Taryn Travers, ABC NEWS Washington The president also told Telemundo he'd signed an executive order on immigration that would include a road to citizenship for dreamers in the doc a program Dhaka is going to be just fine. We're putting it in It's going to be just fine, and I'm going to be over the next few weeks signing an immigration bill, but a lot of people don't know about it. You have breaking news. But I'm signing a big immigration bill. The White House then said he's willing to work with Congress on a negotiated legislative solution. You're listening to ABC News. The I. R. S finally caught up with Louis and paid my taxes in eight years old. I read a lot of money. Louis was in deep trouble. We're going to take your house. Put a lien on your bank account. Garnish, Okay. They don't care. They're gonna take your picture Lou. He found out about Optima Tax relief. The leading tax resolution firm, A plus rated by the better Business Bureau. They've resolved over 1/2 $1,000,000,000 for their clients often attacks. They help me. They call me now. They made me feel comfortable. And I trust Lou. He has a lot to be thankful for. What are anymore and I'm able to live a comfortable life..

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