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Aliu welcome back to the show. My name is Matt Miming Noel. They call me Ben we're as always with our super producer Paul Mission control decades most importantly you or you. You are here and that makes this stuff. They don't want you to know hold your loved ones close for this one folks. This is a very dark Disturbing episode that we're diving into today. because. Today's show contains at times graphic descriptions of violence. It may not be suitable for all audience members. Listener discretion is advised like many of our most compelling. Show suggestions this when comes to us from a listener John in Long Beach John says what's up guys big Fan of your podcast been listening for a year. Now only realized that the album logo has six fingers like a week ago. Hey. Off I know we're waiting for John Get it. Good on you John he continues. Anyway I was wondering if you guys do a podcast on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann I only just heard about it. When a friend told me, he just saw documentary on it. Thanks guys have a great week. Thanks for writing John. Yeah. This is referring to a case in two thousand, seven, a British-born three year old name Madeleine McCann disappeared while on vacation whereas they would say in the UK on holiday with her family in. Portugal the case made national headlines Authorities in. Different. Countries conducted multiple investigations and for more than a decade, they found no solid leads. So, what happened here are the facts Madeleine McCann was born on May twelfth two, thousand and three in Leicester England her parents were Gerry and Kate McCann they were married in nineteen, ninety eight, both of them worked in the medical profession. Kate became a general practitioner after studying at University of Dundee and was working part time while also taking care of she and her husband's children, Jerry was working as a consultant cardiologists in addition to Madeleine. Who was the oldest The couple also has twins born in two, thousand and five. And in two thousand, seven, the family you know they're working hard they're supporting their kids they decided to go on holiday as you do they went to a place called the ocean club resort in Praia deludes in Portugal and there they rented an apartment at the Ocean Club resort and I'm guessing this is like you know I. kind of a sweet kind of situation. I mean fancier hotel right? Well, I pulled. Pulled some you know I'm going to give a reluctant shout out to the Sun I know I've given it a hard time. These show in past episodes but they have a graphic layout of the apartment that the mccanns were residing in during this vacation and it's very helpful is you listen along today to have that up so you can see the positions of where the rooms the windows in the entrances and exits of this place were. But yeah, think of like an almost like an extended stay apartment. Yeah and if you you can go to BBC and find an overview picture of this whole area. So if you have those two pictures up where you can see where all the places we're GonNa talk about are, and then actually into the thing I think you're in a good spot. So, let's go to the night of the disappearance. On the third of May, two, thousand, seven, the mccanns, the parents met a group of seven friends at a Tapas restaurant in the resort complex. This was not very far from their apartment at all. It was about one, hundred, eighty feet or fifty five meters. So the reason that's important is it means you could easily walk back to that apartment and back to the restaurant without you know it would take hardly anytime at all. It's basically just walking across the pool area is and then you're at the top is far. It's literally that close. So Madeleine and her younger brother and sister were those are the fraternal twins they were staying in the apartment they were sleeping or they were supposed to be sleeping keep in mind. These are very young kids. They'd probably poop from day vacation. In fact, the parents it noted earlier that the children seemed very tired. So around eight thirty, pm. Sent to bed the mccanns in their friends are responsible good parents. They created a rotational system that the used to check in on the kids. So every twenty or thirty minutes, it's someone's turned go. Look in on the kids not wake them up or anything like that. Just make sure they're okay. Kate McCann's turn comes up around ten PM she walks over to the apartment. Support to note, they had locked the front door of the apartment, but it had a back patio door sliding patio door and that they left unlocked. So they could easily slide the door open or closed without waking up the kids. So Kate McCann. Looked in on the room where Madeleine and the two twins are supposed to be sleeping. She notices that the window to this room is open. The shutters have been pulled up. Madeleine. McCann has disappeared. The authorities are immediately alerted and the resort staff, the local police, other guests of the resort. Search all night for Madeline until daybreak and they fine nothing the I can't even imagine that sinking feeling of you know and just the. How to accept that and just the way your mind must spin when we were looking at this story I just kept putting myself in that position. You know being a datum. Sure. You could understand that feeling as well. Only not really just even the hint of it is almost more than you can even kinda comprehend but yeah, they they alerted the authorities. Right, away police, the resort staff and other guests essentially formed a search party. Looking for Madeleine until dawn. But they found nothing. in less than twenty four hours the Mccann family held a press conference and I believe there's a sixty minutes Australia piece on this that has some of the footage from at least one of the multiple public appeals for help that the McCann family eventually did. Over the course of the following few days, hundreds of volunteers joined the search party authorities at the border are were put on high alert staff at the nearby airport was told to watch for the child. And then on. May. Twelfth. The authorities in Portugal. Publicly. Stated that they believe that Madeleine had been abducted but silver lining was live and somewhere still in the country. Yeah. or at least they believed right because there was no way to verify it. Then twenty three days after the initial. Abduction or the disappearance on May twenty sixth the authorities there released description of a man who was at that point on identified and he had a couple descriptors. He was a blonde in hair. He appeared to have acne and he was seeing that night on May third two, thousand seven around the area and it was believed that he was possibly carrying a child or at least carrying something that could be confused for a child. In this description was based on a friend of the mccanns. Who gave it to the authorities spurs his name was Jane Tanner. She was one of the people who was attending that Tapas restaurant with them on the night that.

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