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Newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. A former officer under arrest on lisa brady fox news day after resigning the officer. Who shot dante rights during a traffic. Stop arrest in suburban. Minneapolis is now in jail awaiting charges. Fox's grenell scott has this live. Utter has been arrested by minnesota's bureau of criminal apprehension. She turned herself in this morning. She will face second degree manslaughter in the shooting. Death sunday of dante right. He was shot after police pulled him over. Police say potter grabbed her gun by mistake intending to use a taser to subdue right during a scuffle ponders being held at the hennepin county. Jail charges will official later today. Attorney ben crump who is representing. The right family. Said he feels right was executed for nothing more than a traffic stop. Lisa thanks federal prosecutors just announcing no charges against a capital police officer who shot and killed a woman trying to reach an area leading to the house chamber during the attack on the capital january. The woman ashley. Abbott was an air force veteran from san diego. The justice department says there's no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the officer willfully violated the law president biden set to announce the way forward and afghanistan including a new deadline for the remaining. Us troops to leave september eleventh. Which this year marks twenty years since the nine eleven attacks clear eyed about the reality looking at the potential terrorism challenge that postel qaeda afghantistan remain intent on recovering the ability to attack us targets. William burns says neither group has that capacity today but also acknowledged during a senate hearing today that the us government's ability to collect act on threats does diminish with withdrawal. The white house says it's not in the taliban interest to let afghanistan become a pariah state or al-qaeda take holes. America is listening to fox leads to loss productivity angry managers at unhappy customers. More remote workers means more risk for costly downtime with sodhi you can view the screen of remote device and resolve issues anytime anywhere in minutes instead of typing simply record audio and video of the call and attached to a support ticket minimize downtime maximize your business mobility visit sodhi dot net slash fox for free trial for fox news radio listeners. That's s. o. t. I dot net slash fox. A string of republican departures continues on capitol. Hill texas congressman. Kevin brady says he'll retire at the end of his term. The former longtime chairman of the house ways and means committee became emotional. He announced he will not seek reelection at the woodland conference spiked with the media in the social media. Bombard you with each day. We're not the hateful racist divided nation that we are peddled about brady stress. Former president trump had nothing to do with his decision. He's proud of the gop accomplishments under his administration. Rachel sutherland fox. Brady has represented the eighth congressional district in texas since nineteen ninety-seven homebuyers have a chance to get a piece of history. A house mr rogers lived in a house in a very special neighborhood is available in pittsburgh the former home of beloved children's tv host. Mr rogers has been put up for sale. Asking eight hundred and fifty thousand for the thirty-seven hundred square foot brick home with a large concrete porch. Home shoe fred. And joann rogers from the late fifties early sixties according to a newsletter from his alma mater. Rowling's college his show. Mister rogers neighborhood wouldn't air until the late sixties but stories from local residents. Say he was already putting on. Puppet shows for kids when he lived in the house. On squirrel hill lilian woo fox news wall street. Debut for coin base the digital currency exchange with an opening trade of three hundred eighty one dollars giving it a market value of one hundred billion in the stock quickly rising up more than sixty percent. Its fortunes are considered closely tied to bitcoin. The biggest digital currency wall street overall has been rallying today the dow has been up two hundred points at times. The snp was also on record territory the now turning lower. Don't let the challenge of creating mobile app stall your business building. Apps takes time special skills and a lot of money. It's a lot of work to get apps onto your devices added up and it slows down your ability to create the critical apps. That are going to help your business. Fortunately with saudi snap you can unleash your inner developer by allowing you to build and deploy apps fast. You don't need to be a software developer and you don't need a lot of money with sodhi snap. You can create apps up to ten times faster than traditional methods. The apps you build will run on any android or apple device need help. Developing an app leverage saudis free app prototyping surface visit saudi dot net slash fox for a free trial for fox news radio listeners. Seti dot net slash fox weather from the heartland news feed weather center. Wednesday mostly sunny with a high near fifty nine wednesday night the frost after four. Am otherwise partly cloudy with a low around thirty five thursday areas of frost before eight eight and mother sunny with a high near fifty seven vets. The latest weather checkout more news and weather on our website at heartland newsfeed dot com on wrestling observer live. We're here every day. Monday through friday new pacific sunday's pacific six eastern. I'm here today. i wasn't here yesterday. I say we're here live every day. Sometimes it's me sometimes. It's sippy sometimes. It's the great. Jim valley. But today i am back and it is wednesday and you know what that means. It's a little different this week because this is not. Aws inex- annex. T is already over. Did you watch it. Did you remember. I did remember although man it was weird all of a sudden to Have to watch it on tuesday unopposed. I could just sit there and watch the show. So we're talking about inex- t today. What did you think this was the x t after the takeover wrestlemainia and this was the first annexed t show in their now permanent tuesday home. What did you think. I thought it was there. What about the rest of you talking about the show here today. I know people are expected me to go crazy about rob but dude. Mike did ri- yesterday. You really need to hear me talk about raw. I don't need to talk about. I got a bunch of other things to talk about. Cloning awa tonight. We have got the full lineup for the show. We have got notes on. Who made what to me. Their annual shareholder meeting directors. the board. Nick con vince mcmahon. You're gonna find out how much. Shane mcmahon made to call another man a dummy every.

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