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To kick the show off next segment top ten sports movies of all time now there are a ton of great sports movies out there we all know that in this list was pretty much impossible for me to make but i did it somehow through sheer willpower and hard work but it was pretty much impossible i took into consideration the total package these movies have to offer so i'm talking about like not just drama or comedy intrigue girl over all message the quality of the plot cinematography how will they aged rewatch ability the whole nine yards like all that stuff kind of came into play for me and these are my personal tin top ten sports movies of all time right i'm going to start with number ten count back to one and we can talk a little bit about each one mike and then i've got some honorable mentions to an obviously there's going to be movies on the list that i leave out that maybe your favorite or whatever and i'm not trying to find anybody don't get on my ass these are my top ten sports movies of all time and maybe they'll be some on or you haven't seen in that would shock me but you need to go watch it immediately if you haven't seen all right so number ten the wrestler to two thousand eight movie starring mickey rourke in marisa tomei and evan rachel wood is in it as well who's now star of westworld which by the way we have a westworld podcast that i host with jared boris low titled freeze all motor functions so if you're into westworld and you're watching westworld subscribe to freeze all motor functions we break down the latest episode every week it's a lot of fun but to get back to the wrestler this is one that i don't know a lot of i think a lot of my people my friends haven't necessarily seen and i don't even remember what the circumstances were when i saw it but it's about a guy mickey rourke who was a professional wrestler who who has to retire basically for health issues he's washed up and it's not like you know this is not a gore fa cation of the wrestling world is kind of the nitty gritty of it and it's about you know his his him trying to find a new life outside of wrestling and the struggle that comes with.

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