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Is America and the morning of twenty five till accu weather dot com meteorologist Matt bands tax on another unseasonably mild weather picture for the weekend temperatures will be on the rebound across a good portion of the country starting today and that will progress to a warming pattern heading into this weekend today we're looking at temperatures rebounding first across the Great Plains on the front range of the Rocky Mountains across Montana and Wyoming cross Dakotas as well as Colorado and western Texas is where winds will change more out of the west that means a warming when coming off of the mountains today we'll see the fifties potentially across the front range of Montana back through the front range of Colorado as well as New Mexico into western Texas today is warming trend and will head towards the east as we head into this weekend not quite as cold across the Great Lakes wear dentures will generally be in the twenties and thirties today they will also see the twenties and thirties today across New England outside of Boston though you'll see temperatures in the mid forties if you're looking for any summertime one's head south we'll see the seventies and eighties today across Florida relatively quiet weather day for today across most of the country storm system moving along the Gulf coast will produce some rain showers for the Deep South through Florida by this afternoon that could eventually translate to some strong to severe thunderstorms across the Deep South Florida from Miami in Naples and to the south through could see some strong to potentially severe thunderstorms for the overnight otherwise looking at light snow showers across the upper Midwest as well as the Great Lakes as a week clipper system moves across that region and then some rain showers moving into Washington state as well as the northern Rockies for today that's the nation's weather I'm accu weather meteorologist Matt bands face masks are in short supply in parts of the world as people try to strop these you have spread of coronavirus masks can block large droplets from sneezes and costs and that's how viruses spread from person to person experts say the best way to avoid getting sick is washing your hands with soap and water this is American morning I'm John trout on now showing two movies hit theaters Gretel and Hansel and the rhythm section David Daniel has a preview a little later twenty three before the hour U. S. secretary of state Mike Pompeii has arrived in Ukraine to meet with you cranium president Vladimir Zelinsky Democrats hopes of prolonging the impeachment.

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