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Also my weekly column is up there and we also have a special corona virus alert special report so can also be sure to follow us on Twitter on Facebook and on Instagram hand residents apparently giving people a far more accurate idea of how bad things are in China you keep hearing over and over again on CNN and MSNBC are we are number one in the world in the number of cases and Hillary Clinton even sent out a very snarky tweet and say well president sat down America first hahaha he cheated injected some to that effect I mean honestly they're reporting something like twenty five hundred cases twenty five hundred deaths rather and based on what people in Wu Han are saying about the funeral homes and how they're operating twenty four seven a total of eighty four furnaces in this area and they're cremating people left and right based upon how long it takes to create somebody how often these funeral furnaces have been operating it is estimated that the number of deaths that the Chinese government is given two thousand five hundred is more like forty six thousand eight hundred they are still lying now even the Surgeon General talking about whether not last without we should wear a mask and all sorts of qualifiers were given doctor Marc Siegel on wearing gloves we talk about that later on Dr Sanjay Gupta says that the CDC is now reconsidering whether not the public should be wearing face mask you might recall initially we were told that the only reason to wear a facemask if you have the virus if you wanna give somebody else and now they're changing that so again your president trump and they can't even give you a straight answer as to whether or not the public should wear masks to me they were available now doctor Fauci says he believes we're seeing a turnaround if you look now we're starting to see glimmers that that is actually having some dampening effect but that does not take away from the seriousness of what you just described on the show we clearly have seen cases going up the people in New Yorker and a difficult situation and what they're trying to do appropriately is make the best of it by opening up facilities that might decompress the surge of cases that they're having and you described it very well and that's the reason why things like the Javits center getting the comfort into the harbor to be able to do that we are still in a very difficult situation we hope and I believe it will happen that we may start seeing a turnaround but we haven't seen it yet we're just pushing on the mitigation to hope that we do see that turn around and later on we're gonna talk about a turnaround strategy that the former FDA administrator and a team led by a think tank called the American enterprise institute put together all of that and more stick around for that J. R. is in Greenville South Carolina J. are you're on the Larry on the show where A. J. R. here in Greenville South Carolina I I am really trying to ask myself is his overhyped he wants to buy a needy trying to gin up the NASA base against our current president there's so much going on here we've got nasty multi generational debt were incurring we have people losing homes and businesses I not only have a full time job I also have several fellow fees on the side there in the real estate business and I am C. C. R. a lot of work but right now there are many millions of Americans and I think we need real answers and someone needs to be held accountable Albany media back in later your early February late January said one thing about this epidemic pandemic and now it's literally you know a global crisis you know world ending Craig and Larry I I get someone needs to be held accountable for what being in my opinion for sped down the American public's throat she will J. R. look you've you said a lot of things all I know is that the governor of Florida Rick Disentis has been very reluctant imposing some of the shutdowns he felt that there was draconian he thought that the cure was worse than the disease he is now relented and is now imposed statewide stay at home orders so when you have somebody who's that reluctant and I respect him a great deal of that reluctance based on the advice he was given and now he is now done a one eighty and it's also impose a same kinds of of measures that most of the states have imposed what is it tell you right right never to set us up was it tell you this is a serious thing again it's being change day by day you heard doctor Hazeltine former Harvard professor I say this thing is far more infectious than we originally thought it to be and we're getting more information to information day by day I don't they were gonna know how serious this thing is until we look at in the rear view mirror I don't think we're gonna know which which worked until we look at what very states did I in retrospect to find out which ones were more effective than others but the president taking this thing very seriously we're talking about an estimated between a hundred thousand and two and forty thousand American deaths my goodness that would be second only to the nineteen eighteen influenza epidemic that killed six hundred seventy five thousand Americans now four years I've been telling you about with a factor why don't you tell us about your story if you orderly factor you have a pain free success story call us at eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four option five tell us about.

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