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At the arad a new new uh probably better your longterm future if you don't go yeah probably better let those bums at army of slobs get fired without you the marlins have traded outfielder marcel oh sooner to the cardinals for prospects and finally in a recent interview with msnbc's headliner show george clooney's longtime friend randy gerber reveal that clooney once gifted his closest friends one million dollars each and pay their taxes on the funds there is a group of guys we call the boys gerber explain george had called me and the boys and said hey mark september twenty seven two thousand thirteen on your calendar everyone's gonna come to my house for dinner when the boy's arrive the clooney's place black designer luggage bags were set on the table for each guests george told a group lissette i want you guys you know how much you've meant to me i came to la i slept on your couch is i'm so fortunate in my life to have all of you and i couldn't be where i am today with out you so was really important to me that while we're still all here together that i get back so i want you to all open your suitcases when the boy's open up their custom cases a million dollars worth of 20dollar bills awaited them every one of us fourteen avaaz got a million dollars every single one of us gerber recounted we were in shock like what is this miss pretty cool that is so awesome in the taxes on it to.

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