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At eighty five east on mass pike still dealing with a tractor trailer truck on its side at the end of the off ramp to one forty six in memory Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the three also not nice this morning's weather in Boston we check the four day WBZ accu weather forecast meteorologist dean divorce sponsored by the salvation army all right it's some much cooler today we've already been documenting that this morning as temperatures are in the mid upper sixties and now the rain has moved in as you've been talking about and some of that could be a little heavy here this first part of the morning I think it tapers off to some showers drizzled again in the afternoon as temperatures stay in the mid upper sixties and then some patchy fog this evening clearing and much cooler Jeff tonight fifty in some of the inland spots maybe even some upper forties down about fifty five in the heart of the city tomorrow a better overall with sunshine still cool though the high sixty six and then breezy milder up to seventy four with sun and clouds on Saturday to rule out a shower thunder shower Saturday night and then warming back up low eighties with some sunshine at times on Sunday I will keep an eye on the weekend and more but a rainy start here this morning on WBZ bosses newsradio showers right now in both. Austin sixty six degrees it's amazing what the value of a used vehicle has only human life consider donating your vehicle to the salvation army the pick it up at no charge and give you an IRS approved receipt your generosity provides new direction for those struggling with alcohol and other drugs call eight hundred that's a trucker visit SA truck dot org we take a look at New England business this morning at this hour sponsored by Boston interiors upholstery sale it is a twenty six Purdue pharma the makers of oxycontin has reached a tentative settlement agreement with nearly two dozen attorneys general in the U. S. Mara Healy of Massachusetts not one of them though under terms of the deal the Connecticut drug maker will pay up to twelve billion dollars its founders the Sackler family also on the hook for at least three billion for contributing to the nation's opioid epidemic Healy says she will continue to pursue Purdue saying the punishment for the Sackler family is not nearly enough science fiction is the work of researchers.

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