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Cat person island. Dr island marauded. Dr moreau your doctor. Island harare name this island off to myself. Don't joked harare which was really stemming from brenda. that's actually watched. That movie was funny because many disturbing performances later in life val kilmer was so like apparently was like the worst shirt ever when he was just this absolute nightmare and val kilmer literally was like is like i have to action. They saints. But i'm just going to do whatever the fuck are like towards the end of the film. He's just like sitting in a chair wearing a wearing a baseball cap. Totally out of character. Visit dead like yelling. He's gone going like okay the to make this work but it's it's kind brand. Had free reign of the entire movie. He saw a little person. He's like my character is going to have that person. He's going to dress like me he's going to be with me in every say okay i well you know you can understand valve just by some point going You know what. I just got to get this over with and get a job or at a gig where you've gone. I just gotta get through this and get out. This wish. i had the clout to be like all right. I'll get paid bakiev. I'm going to where the fuck yeah get fired for. That would be nice within pink really good especially if you're doing a horror film when you do things oh here comes the kill up. Well i better go and run upstairs. Because i'm addicted. That would be a really love the meditation on the script. The nine characters constantly ships over the care people are sick of fourth world. Had too much of it is it. Is it called fifth wheel if they're talking to the camera and the cameras around and it's an actual wool that they're talking to is that is that not. That'd be amazing. We saw as we always do with a short synopsis. The doctor takes martha to the far future. To the slums of new martha gets kidnapped and ends up on the motorway. Taking chase. the doctor finds out. There's something wrong with the murder way. No one ever leaves as the face. Abo- mood patches cat people and the macro but in the end martha will find out all about who the doctor really is. We start off with. Ma unpiloted flying car calling for the police. Yes and there's there's no police say that when you said we're going to do this episode little hot sync because i remember not enjoying this and thinking. It was a bit enjoyed it. More than i thought i would Status as i remember but it was for me the be that this was a series where there was some great episodes and then they would just somewhere. I wanted to slap the doctor in the face and this is one of them. What pissed you off so much about dr. Well he's still going on about his former companion. Rose nina phase. You know. I'm over it by that. Keeps shitting on math and shit. You'd learned main anything..

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