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Have office locations in Richfield, West Bend, Beaver Dam, Port Washington as well as my Kwan, so I try to be as accessible and is available. It's possible and if none of those options work well, I do offer in house visits as well enough for free Initial consultations with clients. Given the ability to learn more about estate planning, learn more about my practice, learn more about me and my somebody who they want to work with it. That's very important from an attorney client relationship. Have toe like your attorney have toe. Yeah, sure. I wanted to work with that attorney, So I don't put cost is the reason why people may not want to find out if this is something they want to do, And I know attorney Rob, but just generally speaking you here and talk about attorneys first off. There's so many jokes out there on we won't get into them because you're an attorney, and I don't want to offend you. But there's different types of attorneys. I think that's important. You're in a state planning attorney, right? And what I found Paul that the easiest way to explain it. For whatever reason. People understand the field of medicine, but I don't understand the field of law. You know the concept that if I have a heart issue, right if I go to cardiologists, if I have a foot issue, I go to a podiatrist. There are specialties within the field of medicine no differently than there are specialties or emphasis. Embassies. In the field of law. There's some people who are generalists Richard to six. It's just they're like they're our general medical practitioners, family practice physicians, things like that. They're more generally based. But then there are also the specialist that we mentioned before to draw that parallel. I'm more of a specialist focusing my entire team. I practice on a state planning wills trust powers of attorney probate. Things like that. What you said, is interesting it yet I have a fan. I've doctors in our family, and he's going through retirement right now. So he's enjoying his retirement years. But he still helps on and I could say this. It's through Aurora, right, But Web MD has changed everything. The Internet has changed everything. Suddenly everybody's a specialist. Everybody's a doctor or wants to diagnose themselves, and he says, Got nothing wrong with using the Internet to look up some symptoms, but you should really still see a doctor. I will ask you this. The Internet's a wonderful thing, Rob. But when it comes time to law and wills and trusts and and probate, which will get into today you can go on the Internet and get maybe some questions answered. What is it? The source you should really use for these documents? No, I think what you just described is exactly right. It's informative to get a baseline level of knowledge to inform yourself generally as to this particular area of the law, so that when you meet with attorneys, you can kind of speak the language. You can understand what he is. She is saying, But again, the other thing is this is that When it comes to legal documents when it comes to a state planning documents, all the advice in the world that does nothing. You have to implement that advice. Yeah, I always tell my clients as a general rule my practice. I don't charge for advice. Okay? When somebody comes to meet with me and wants to learn about trust wills, powers of attorney I don't charge a fee for that, because the advice in and of itself does nothing. You have to have the actual doctors in place that implement that advice that are legally binding and that are going to hold up in court. If there ever challenged. It goes with the family conversations. I shook my hand with and there they say they'll take care of my estate. That does no good. Nothing You needed signed documents. Exactly Right. You know, they always talk about get everything in writing, Get everything in writing, And that's especially true in the legal field. Verbal agreements are generally unenforceable, particularly when it comes to a state planning issues. They have to have all the formalities. One of the things that I run into, for instance, in my practice, oftentimes is people who will send away for kids. They'll send away for state Plenty. Kids do your own will do your own trust and There's one particular commercial provider, which I won't mention my name. Maybe I should. But I won't that I've had over a dozen clients used that. And guess what? The documents are only binding in the state of California. Well, we don't live in the state of California. So the documents are not binding. Here s Oh, that's probably a fine print somewhere on that document that we never see. That's exactly right. You go on the Internet you go there. You assume it's a It's a valid for. That's exactly because you have no reason to believe it's not a valid form. But again when it comes to things like law when it comes to things like medicine, having a human being who's local? Who you could talk to. To mount ideas off of to run things across to me is invaluable. I realize it's a self serving statement, but it doesn't mean I'm wrong. Well, it's the same with the doctrine and I think that's a perfect analogy. All right. You could maybe diagnosed yourself on the Internet. Really? Are you a doctor? No. Go see your doctor to make sure you get the test, son. I think everybody would agree with that. No different than what you do. You didn't mention about advice, You'd give that free initial consultation. We went over that quickly. I want to remind people you get together with rob me like that. Initial consultation is free. In addition, Rob, you are knocking off for ws and listeners 20%. Off of legal fees. That's right. That's significant. Yep, Just mention that your ws and listener Aziz General rule is the sole practitioner. I typically will ask people who call my practice people living know me how they found out about my firm. But again just please emphasize your ws and listener. I'd be more than happy to afford that 20% discount you mentioned before And as I mentioned this program three PM Saturday's your hometown lawyer will be back on in 2021. We talked about a variety of estate planning issues, and we're going to get into some of the most commonly asked to stay planted questions. I did some homework and research, and I'm sure.

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