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Rocco own boy i don't hear no playing in this series this is on e with dan the easy wbz newsradio 1030 just another day at the office for the trump administration now i don't know how many of you are going to read the book in its entirety i suspect of small percentage will but most of us most of us will get our information from the news articles and for those of you who have an either read the book or the news articles steve bannon but a piece of work that guy turns out to be huh he basically brought this fellow wolf into the white house and gave him i guess what's called a a blue pass i haven't been to the white house in a while and i guess a blue pass is better than as standard journalists pass and this guy was able to sit around and really become part of the furniture look and listen um bannon of course took in immediate dislike to trump's children i don't know why but he did uh and and yet he was a let he was working for the election of the father goes on in the book um to say that um that there was a remembrance bannon was characterized as being anti semitic uh sort of a a member of the the all too right now bannon who conservatives liked we'll be vilified as well he should be but danen who liberals despised is now going to be lionised i mean he could get a profile encourage award at the kennedy library um there's there's a lot in the book that people have already denied even if half of.

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