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What's up Timothy? Hey, rich, one time listener, first time caller. Where have you been? What exit are you from, Tim? Originally, I'm from exit 17 off the Parkway. Okay. Not the turnpike, but now I'm down by showy, so I'll make this four off the top. Oh, so right around where Doctor Oz list. Oh, okay, cool. Hopefully for about 13 years and then moved out to sounds interesting. So what's on your mind? Well, I don't know, you know, sometimes I have a hard time interpreting these jets games and I know there's a lot of hype around pre season, but I just wanted to kind of pick your brain on the first half of the jet falcons game. And so there's obviously a lot of narratives going on with Zach Wilson going down. Flacco having to come in and kind of be the starter. Then we wanted to probably I would imagine get our second and third string guys with a lot more work. Assuming that we may need some depth this season. But like, how did you interpret the quality of the offense and defense in the first half versus the quality in the second half? Wow. Look at you, Tim. Here's the thing. I'll be honest with you, man. I was flipping back and forth between jets falcons and mets yanks. Because right now, right now, my yanks need my support and I'm locked in on that and I'm particularly nervous about the way things are going there and the jets in a preseason game against the falcons. Here's the way I look at it, Tim. Is that clearly they need Zach Wilson to get back and get back soon. They're not making the playoffs. The ultimate of respect to Mike white and Joe Flacco. We need to see we need to see Garrett Wilson evaluated properly and breeze hall evaluated properly. And we need to see the rest of the offense take a step forward and that's going to happen with Zach Wilson. We got to get him back out there in healthy and see what he can do and go through whatever lumps he's going to go through or heaven forbid he can take a literal step and then a monster figurative step forward. That said, I am really bullish on the jets defense. How does that sound? I'm trying to control myself. But I look at sauce gardener and I see a defensive rookie of the year. I just do. I see a guy that's not going to get thrown at. I see a guy that's going to actually not get thrown at and help that pass rush that Jermaine Johnson looks really good. The rest of that pass rush I think is much improved and I just think that kid in the back of the defense taking away what he's going to take away. And I think the first couple of opponents from the AFC north because the jets are in the AFC north for the first month of the season. They're going to test them. They might throw in his direction, and I think that's going to be a mistake, and I think a lot of teams are going to learn that fast. And I think he is going to be not just an anchor on the field, but in the locker room and in the community, I am so high on sauce gardener, but anybody who takes in the show knows that I have been that since I saw him physically in person for the first time at the combine and pounded the table for him until I heard his name thankfully in Las Vegas to the jets. That's the way I'm looking at him. How does that sound? I'm super bullish on Mark Gardner too because you got to call him songs. You gotta call him sauce too. Well, no, he doesn't get the sauce, right? Until he gets his first 6 6 in the record. Well, you know what, that's the look fickle way of looking at it, and I appreciate you taking in the show. Tim, thanks, callback. Let's chat, I like that. That's good. But he saw us here. Planet sounds. Right. You are watching fourth quarter mop up time. No, I was too busy watching the yanks in the mets. He wants you to really break down the preseason game. I like wait, what? I was watching just to see what the final score was. What? For the, oh, of the football game. Did you really wager on that? I did not actually. Okay, good for you. Would it surprise you if he did though? No, yeah. Yanks Matt's big game, yanks needed it. They got it. They actually beat Max Scherzer, judge actually homered off of Max Scherzer after having a dreadful appearance against Max Scherzer in queens, a couple of weeks ago. So but that's not what most of the country and everybody is taking out from this game. Look, I'm a die hard Yankee fan. I grew up in Yankee Stadium. I've seen all types. I have seen all types on the fore train. I've seen all types in the bleachers. I've seen all types. I used to my friends and I in the stump Merrill Yankee years used to get general admission seats, which is like in the top 5 rows of the stadium we went right behind home plate. I saw the bird's eye view, it was amazing. I went to bat day as a kid. I did all sorts of stuff. Okay, I've been there and done that. I have seen all types and just when you thought you've seen them all, I'm a 53 year old man. I've never seen this before. This man needs to be identified. He is poking a hole using his straw into the tops and bottoms of a hot dog and then sucking the meat out of the straw. And then placing the straw away, and then now that there is a tube in the tube of the hot dog, he is sipping his beard through the hot dog. Now I've heard about, hey, you go to the game, let's have a hot dog and a beer. Not a hot dog in the beer. Using the hot dog as a conveyance to consume the beer. I've never seen this before. I don't understand it. But at least he doesn't take the innards part of the hot dog doesn't go to waste. He sucks it out of the straw. Just in case what, he wants to use the straw later. I mean, I don't understand. And then places in the beer, like in front of others, like he's in public, like sir, people can see you. Genius. People can see you do this. By the way, genius move. It's amazing. Why? I wish I thought of that. Does the beer taste better sucking it through the hot dog? Probably. Two of my favorite things. Put together. Hot dog and a beer is the classic combination. You go to the game. I'm gonna have a hot dog and a beer. It's all gonna be here. You eat the hot dog, and you drink the beer. You don't pop a hole through the hot dog, suck out the meat from the straw. Place the straw away, pause. Then you don't go ahead and use the hot dog to consume your beer. Through the hot dog. Your mother's watching, sir. So, together, this human being, I will ask anybody who wants to chime in 8 four four two O four rich. You want to put it on Twitter? Yeah. Genius? Mad men. Those are the two choices. Is this person a genius? Or a madman? He's a man. That's what I choose. Hannibal lecter would do this if he was somehow free. And at a baseball game. That's like the fava bean, and the nice chianti. You don't poke a hole through the fava bean and consume the chianti. That guy's a madman. All right, it's up on Twitter at rich eisen show. Dude at Yankees last night. Like do that in your own home. Get a room. I'm at the point now where every time I see something like this, I just, I go, this person, this isn't real, and they're just doing this to try to make a viral video. Of course, I saw this. I saw this on John boy media. Yeah, me too. And so the point is that gives you pause that says, maybe this is a setup, is because the camera was trained on this individual from start to finish, which makes me think either a, it's a setup or B, B, that wasn't his first hot dog strong and beer.

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