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You're. Hearing the Frank Beckmann. Show news talk seven sixty WJR Well in all the excitement of the British Open we didn't give. Proper attention to and other happening in golf over the weekend and, we should have because for only the sixth time in history a female teed up and played, alongside the men on. The, regular tour at the barbasol championships. And it was Britney Lindsey odham she she did. Fairly well she was one under in one round made Neagle I, think it was on the eighteenth hole and on a par four knocked in. A look like a wedge shot from when I watched. It but any rate she she did, not make, the cut and now there will be further discussion you know should women play with the man like they have been a few instances in the past and and what exactly are we? Headed toward by putting the LPGA and the PGA tour, together let's, talk to the chief communications officer at the LPGA Heather daily Donna. Frio who's not related to either John Daly or, Vince, real the actor We, we found, that out off the air and Heather nice Debbie with us how. Are you I'm doing terrific Frank, thank you for having me I'm sure there's some celebrating over britney's performance at the the saw but, not entirely the I gotta believe the the. Wish. Was, that she knew number. One would win but number two would would make the cut, right well you know it was, it was a great spotlight in stage for not only Britney but, for women's golf was nice has fans and media. Talking about her, and, the LPGA you know a week of. A major championship for the men so you know we we were excited to watch her there there's so many of the players in. The staff that were tuned into the barbasol championship to to watch Brittany. And beyond, her play I think what I was most impressed. With with how she conducted herself I mean, she really had a good time with it her she said the entire time that her goal, that if she inspired one girl to take up. The, game by playing the PGA tour event then she felt like she had. Done her job So. You. Know, she went in with. With with good intentions and for the right reasons and I, really think she did quite well, yeah absolutely right and that is a laudable goal right there to, try to inspire other youngsters to pick up the. Game of golf, because, how long have we heard that that's. Going to be the key long-term and that we don't see enough youngsters playing golf that's it's so true and right now the fastest. Growing segment in the game is girls under the age of eighteen anytime. We can, put our players on a broader platform with more. Exposure that's only going to encourage more young, girls to take up the game and you know our young junior players are boys and girls, they they are certainly the future of the game Is is it good overall though for. For the game of golf to sort of mix the two tours, like that or or do you worry about some long-term effects were now a, man's going to say well you know what we've had. Women playing on our tour I wanna play on. Their tour now, yeah I think the anytime again art where the Jane our players can. Be can be highlighted amongst the men or. In, a. Team. Event or you know we have the CVS charity challenge Billy Andrade Brad Faxon Ron Ron in the summertime and we, have five or six LPGA players play along side the men there and it's been a really successful formula for that event so. You know for this. Is only the, sixth time in the history of golf where women have played on the PGA. Tour so I'm not sure if it's going to be a future trend but certainly with with proud of Brittany this week in the spotlight that. She she brought, to the women's game and to the LPGA and, you know if you look at her stats To, I mean she really played better than her scores show she was plus six. That first day but she was plus five onto holes, and then on that, second, round had five birdies and eagles so I really think yeah she I think she? Even led I think she loaded and driving accuracy for the week too so you know, a, lot of good? Things came out of it I think. For for Brittany and for the l...

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