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Second annual women's march komos eric heintz reports organizers hope of whisperer new activism following pervasive stories of sexual assault the seattle times reports advocates for civil rights women's rights and other causes will gather a capitol hill's cal anderson park at ten o'clock before marching to seattle center around eleven thirty a m the routed similar to last year's recordbreaking demonstration on like last year organizers say this year's march is part of a series of conversations and events around gender race and politics so far more than thirteen thousand five hundred people on the facebook event page have said he planned to attend eric heintz komo news komo news time to forty sports at 10 and 40 past the hour here on your home of the huskies tom glasgow go with a lot of football to talk about pro football though four teams love standing in the nfl playoffs an amazing sunday of playoff action including the minneapolis a miracle minnesota miracle whatever you want to call it the vikings stunning the saints to advance to the nfc championship game and a match up with the philadelphia eagles for the first time in fourteen seasons the tennessee titans won a playoff game but not enough for mike malarkey he is out as head coach college football arizona has picked former texas anm coach kevin is someone to take over that program he succeeds rich rodrriguez over the weekend huskies getting some good news there star running back miles gaskin is going returned to school for his senior season rather than enter the nfl draft he was being projected as a mid to late round pick in what is expected to be a very strong running back class top 25 college basketball in the ap poll villanova one zags thirteen and the coach's paul villanova one bazak's thirteen will talk all things you'd have hoops tomorrow night six to seven right here on your home of the huskies komo news with men's coach mike hopkins women's coach jodie win we'll have more sports in 30 minutes right here on your home of the huskies komo news.

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