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Weather center ktrh news time his 401 our top story oh light turnout for yesterday's elections across the state of texas but most of those who did show up voted in the affirmative all seven texas stayed constitutional events on the balance past easily that includes an amendment that extends the homestead tax exemption to disabled veterans a property tax exemption for the survivors of fallen first responders and a requirement that the attorney general be notified of any constitutional challenges to state laws before those laws can be blocked from taking effects in the city of houston all five pro positions one by comfortable margins that includes prop a which allows the city to issue bonds to fund its massive pension liabilities and prompt f also passed by voters in the heights it allows restaurants and bars to serve alcohol without having to register as a private club as current law requires katie isd voters approved abroad the measure for more than six hundred million bucks to build new schools and infrastructure and we'll have a complete wrappah recapping wrap up an analysis of the results yesterday on houston's morning news at starting in less than an hour from now five am with jimmy in chereau bound for some of the key races around the country we get the latest from abc news your vote democrat bill murphy will be the next governor of new jersey i am extremely humble grateful and proud to accept the responsibility you have given today to serve as the next governor of the great state of new jersey the former wall street banker who has never held elected office defeated lieutenant governor kim go down up virginia's lieutenant governor ralph north them a democrat he was elected governor over republican ed gillespie that divide and bring unity to virginia whether you voted for me are not we are all virginians republicans in utah held onto the congressional seat vacated by the retiring chasing cheif is provo mayor john curtis won a special election for that seat notable city races v lyles the first ever black woman elected mayor of charlotte north carolina bill de blasio reelected as mayor of new york city brian clark abc news ktrh news.

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