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Worse a question about five miles across the border they're continuing with air strikes and artillery as well the Turkish government says this is a fight against terrorism they said their goal is to create a twenty mile buffer zone in clear Kurdish fighters in Syria as far as the death toll goes it's unclear about fighters on both sides but as for civilians go they have been casualties on both sides roughly twenty on each side of the border there is to clearly chaos on the ground view and saying more than a hundred thousand people are trying to flee from the fighting anyway they can move that's fun to Steve Harrigan reporting in America is listening to fox news W. away I'd local news a new controversial policy involving the Texas state troopers waistlines has been approved the policy requires female officers to have a waistline no larger than thirty five inches and for male officers waist lines to be no larger than forty inches or they could be removed from duty the DPS officers association filed a lawsuit last week in Travis county but it was ultimately lost four citations may reveal the cause of the inter continental terminal companies chemical fire last March in deer park the occupational safety and health administration cited I. T. C. for serious violations including an issue with foam suppression systems not having procedures to maintain the equipment not inspecting new piping where the fire occurred and for the piping being to St Louis Vuitton manufacturing workshop is bringing president trump to Johnson County next week a White House official says this triple include a ribbon cutting ceremony along with the tour of the luxury fashion facility I'm jealousy Downey.

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