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We've touched on this it's a great place to wrap up as we're running out of time here if there's one betting pool in one bet that you envision making on this year's preakness what will it be michael start with us i don't have a good year for this paint i mean it's it's one of those races where you know for a lot of people it's going to be more fun just watching it and son of actually betting on it and there's nothing wrong with that but you know you're gonna have to try to make something out of it i mean that was like the crux in my column for saturday you know whether it's in multirace exotics and you just think justifies the bingo free space and play for surprises in the lakes that surround this race or if you're trying to like you know make a colt try factor and trying to get or like revisal up third you know i think those are probably the best way approach it's it's not a great benny race but it's it's certainly promises to be very entertaining brace surely i i always feel i have to have some kind of bed on a ratio like this and you know and you know one or two one or two cold trifecta combinations is is probably a the most creative thing i can muster all right that's all the time we have i want to thank andy buyer and i want to thank mike watchmaker also wanna thank our sponsor the maryland jockey club just a reminder friday the real pools to highlight lots of good stuff going on but late pick five on friday starting race seven thousand guarantee on saturday two million dollar late pick four starting in race ten check those out check out the preakness hey here's a here's a thought here's here's a bet you can make buy your tickets for the belmont stakes before the race knowing they'll be worth a lot more if justify wins rather than taking reporting cents on the doppler there's my there's my two cents for wager thanks again to everybody who tuned in if you came in part way which i noticed a lot of people did you can catch a replay d r f dot com slash youtube i'm peter thomas fornah town and you've been watching content produced by the r f dot com.

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