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Hi I'm great how are you well I'm good you want to send me on a mission I hear I heroes so my youngest daughter warrant girly eyeless tickets and I want them yesterday telling me to tell her and I thought maybe you could give her a call before school starts okay let her know that she's going where did she when the Billy I was tickets art yesterday on your radio station I would call I wanted to start with us yes terror from Placentia yeah the guy I mean it didn't even sound like you for the first all right so here's the deal now let me figure out but tubs gave me new phone software September how I did do we have our number okay so let's dial it up Patty and then what we'll do is I'll put you on the line so you stay there and I'm gonna dial her now and then we'll surprise so she doesn't know the you got Billy I was tickets right now she's the one in and she I thought you know the answer would bring them together and he did in the past fourteen that this year wow and just as exciting global seventeen year old thank you very gradually you are one if you're not sure so she thinks that the research we winked at a call amber yeah yeah amber how long were you listening not all along okay she's on the other line we got a right away amber it's rain falling on kiss FM how are you are you I'm good to your mom's tell me she's on the phone say hi mom hi mom so your mom is going to be a police dispatcher there are also with my sister do you have the option where you can listen all that I I listen where you can listen to all of the talk on the walk he's her sister did became a police officer in June so she for which he I really think that what's your sister thing I want to do it new four or something that you how to be in a beach cruiser cake tell me what what he did is your sister or for he was re signal signal alright listen I'm calling you amber on official police duty R. O. okay I see my assignment from Sarge this morning and my my sergeant Carol hi sent me online a undercover mission so here I am did you recognize me digits so under cover Roland low rolling mark I have in my holster a pair of things and in my other holster I have nothing my other host only have one who do you know I have a number for you tickets to go see Billy Irish in concert are you down all my boss wait what you can call me Santa I'm no I have I is Santa talk to me in the eye sight you take the passport I'll take the Billy Alice tickets and I've got those for you your mom one them yesterday with us and she wants to give them to you so congratulations alright really I wish for more you're a lot so are you the tears I'm sure right all we hear it from me to you all yeah I would say hoisin was eagerly Irish for Martin well you can keep saying it because it's not till April was that really what why do some a trip to go see Billy but congradulations amber cara mom thank you so much reach out amber I know you have schools only getting last okay all sorts thank you so much Mister Meyers right you're welcome thank you for listening to us okay hang on one by amber cara that made my day thank you for let me do that though so cute I made my day thank you so much can I just say the girls and I or any of us and and we don't think we'd be on radio we just wanted to say Tonya we follow in style we follow all you guys she is absolutely stunning keep it up we love her story and she's so gorgeous thank you that's so sweet thank you cara no dealing with her ego these days cara she won a people's choice award for the podcast well hang on to tell you about it we love you hang on one second yeah zero all right all right could rooting for us I love cara coming up next we'll pay bill the three two three get your bills paid for

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