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Us and travel Wisconsin on W. T. M. J. travel around the world November twenty second or twenty fourth at holiday folks there international state fair park discover tastes and sounds from around the globe with recipes passed down from generation in the world cafe the international marketplace has handy yes traditional customs come to life a long heritage lane with music and dancing all weekend historical exhibits a chef date artisan demonstrations visit dot org for information that's to start your holiday season love can be a frustrating and confusing word we use it to describe so many different things many of which aren't really love at all Jeff had grown tired of hearing the word until he learned that real love is not that we had love god but that god loved us and sent his son loved and sent with guest speaker pastor Jeff Claytor this week on the Lutheran hour to Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty PM biggest matchup of the season this is an important one for us look at it we got to be the ones in their place nine one ten an hour right now under the lights in Santa Clara our coverage from San Francisco kicks off with W. T. M. J. opening drive at four o'clock this afternoon on the home of the Green Bay Packers newsradio WTMJ Milwaukee rockets forty degrees today mostly sunny and breezy high of forty four from the W. T. M. J..

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