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The MSCI sort of said that he should go. And and the military really is the main power in Algiers? So I think it's a very clear it was a very clear message to president that it's time for him to resign. And it also shows that level of concern that the military had with the continuation of the demonstrations that were going on. And there's a phrase in the story, which is just about beautifully. It would seem as the mental for wholesale change the pouvoir, which is the whole tier of leadership within our JIRA. They want them to go. They I think that's the thing. Right. I mean, if because gone, and they replace him with somebody else from inside is that going to be enough for j obviously it depends on who it is. And it depends what this new person will do. But I think that's really the big question right now is this real change will the system the political system and algebra change. Or are they sort of removing the figurehead and replacing him with a new figurehead? I mean, one of the problems was that the power in in the the people in charge apparently weren't really able to agree on a successive. So maybe they have now and that will dump things down. Which I find fascinating story that we've written up this morning is a but Europe's perspective of what's happening. I'm what what pregnant consciousness the most is his heavy hand on his Llamas militancy. So there's the security angle to this transition as well. Well, I mean, I think every story read about put if liquor has to mention that in the nineteen nineties Assyria was in the grip of a vicious civil war the military cancelled elections that Islamists want that led to a terrible civil ALgeria and beautifully. Co was the guy who ended it. He's at least been given credit for ending it for bringing to close and any new leadership Europe. Especially obviously, a is very close to you know, it's a hit. Country. It's a big supplier forty million people Europe will be very nervous about the return to those days. They will not want to see this. Indeed. Let's see what the new. The new successive brings in terms of policy. Thank you so much for joining me this morning about is executive editor for the Middle East Africa right here in Dubai. Let's move gender long talk about our markets. And from that perspective, we bring in reporter of the day. It is fitting Pippa Chaco, and if another gas comes and sits down and says to by buying we we could all of a chocolate, but the truth of it is Emmerson b d is literally quite literally on the tour is that the IPO that's going to happen on the transactions business or what is driving this momentum. Well, yes Rican see the IPO that's happened with network international in Linden has been a triggered this week to actually bring more investors back to this market. Yep. Yo- he's going to very well. They secured very strong demand in the first few days. And if we look at this chart in our screen right now, you can see the volume spiked and the price of the stock is back to the level where he was in mate less cheer. This is very good news for a very big stock here in Dubai. What is more interesting is? We have a lot of investors saying that there there is more room for. Stuck to continue climbing because they still have to implement the higher foreign ownership limits for foreigners. Of course, there's the doing Turkey whenever that deal is sealed and done the buying big Bank in Turkey from the Russians. This could be another trigger for more gins for whoever owns the stock right now. Maybe that could be the moment if Shane knows and his watch. That's you moment to come and come and talk to come. Tell us all with fascinated with with what you wanna do with competence, and we'll have been momentum beyond our Omagh. I mean, all market has had a moment of reprieve ETF in Turkey on inside the Arabia in New York. What is the trend looked like that? It's a very interesting moment to look at both tiffs menace. We're talking about ice shares offered by black rock both treating in New York. And we just saw that the total assets under management for the Saudi Tf has closed beyond that off the Turkish. When look at that curve was exactly the moment showing that it's a very interesting mixture of both markets right now. Of course, we had a lot of flows from the Turkish ATF last week considering all of the volatility coming from the concerns of people actually being able to trade their liras that two dollars. And there was a reflect on the stock market..

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