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She's Monica McNutt. And this is about to be straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk Wireless. Okay, So you're such a pro? You're you're great. I love you being my teammate s O for our listeners not born raised products of the D. M. V, D. C. Maryland and Virginia. Think Kevin did that on purpose. Just for me. That was yes. And Ode to Adele. Terrific. You know, 1921 1 of her best albums. Although 25 was popping too. She was hilarious. When as you know, last year, too, by the way, But that is the go go remix of Hello. So those those drums you hear that little extra balance? The extra swag is signature. Go go Music to the Washington D. C. Metro area, my hometown. So that just got me hype for on another level. Game night is about to go all the way up, Goldhammer, just so you know. So this is when you say the D m V. That is Delaware, Maryland. Wow. I'm gonna have the night off because that is deep just for Joe D. C. Maryland. Massey, Maryland. What about what about the poor people in Delaware? They don't know what? I'm sorry. So here's the deal. The D M V is also synonymous with the metro area, which Produces products like Kevin Durant. I'm saying like we love our basketball, but when we say the metro area it's literally you can get to the places where referring to on the Metro So even the D. M V is general because I'm not talking about Richmond, Virginia. Okay, I'm talking about Fairfax County. I'm saying you're not talking about Charlottesville. You're talking. You're not talking about south of the Mason Dixon line you're talking about. The D C. Suburbs like Arlington is part of the D M V, You know, go joking. I know I would spend much of time I went to college in New York. So I know that my East Coast lingo is okay. I just I felt bad for the people in Delaware Is Baltimore part of the D M V or No? Okay, so no. Because Baltimore's outside of the I heard you, Devon. I feel you there. Outside of our metro. You can't get to Baltimore in the Metro. Okay. And what's more, is his own other ether yet, But my Baltimore could take you to take the Amtrak too. But that's not the metro you. Come on, Goldhammer. Focus. Okay, You gotta get to the metro. I'm glad I'm glad we've clarified this for everyone. I'm Aaron Goldhammer. She's Monica McNutt. I grew up in Denver. She grew up in the D. M V. There you go See Maryland and Northern Virginia and You Southern Virginians. You were in the Confederacy. You don't count is the D M V. Listen Valentine's Day is here. And I feel like you know, in a non pandemic world, Monica That's typical Valentine's Day date. Right is dinner and a movie is you Go, You sit in a cold air condition theater and you watch a movie with someone. To me. That's one thing If you're married, whatever. I am surprised the little bit that more people don't use the sporting event. Baseball game Basketball game College game pro game. As a great litmus test for someone that they are considering dating as an early date like a first three dates, and I think when the pandemic is over Going to a game should become part of a Valentine's tradition. Yes. Now we're sports. People don't go the hammer. We're sports people. So we appreciate this, But I will say first three is a little early on Lee. A three of the three would be the first number for me because you know me millennial woman like we're alternating. We're splitting. 20 of them. They're not cheap. Okay, you know, right, Like sports are natural. Okay there then if we're gonna if we're still in the dating impress you phase Either. I'm a hilarious person and want to see how you respond to these nosebleed seats. Do you respect my button or I'm still trying to impress you and might be blowing my budget for these center court 100 section seats now. Okay, so once we get in Goldhammer what we're doing about food, right? You know, Okay. Ah, fried cause me costs me $11. That's just one front. Know what? Let's listen. See, I wanna be the guy that Packs and I am married. By the way, I'm just put making myself stereotypically single just for the purposes of this conversation. Would be the guy that would pack the Ziploc bags of delicious gummy candy and sneak them into the arena. And if the girl gets mad at me for saying, Oh, you won't spring for the $2000 Starburst from the concession stand. Then I know that that's not the girl for me. If the girls if the girls like Oh, you got the little bright crawlers, which you bought it CVS or Walgreen's, or whatever. And then you stuck them in it like then I know that's the girl for me. I just think that all of this the food and then the other thing, what you're what you wear what you choose to wear to a sporting about. I also think says a lot about you 100% hundreds and now I will say this before we get to wardrobe because that's a whole another element. What It also depends on I said, third date, and that's being generous to me because I have learned about my boyfriend. He is. He doesn't want to chitchat. We haven't done a live event together. But just from watching events together, he doesn't want to chitchat right And then vice versa depending on what's going on, like I don't necessarily want to chitchat either. Won't hold on. It doesn't like if it's a regular season Wizards game, okay. That's a different story than if it's Game seven of the West. Do you know Eastern Conference Finals? You know that you really have to watch every single play because you've been waiting your whole life for this. If it's an NBA game in February. I'm sorry you could do some chit chatting during the game. So you're too intense for me. If you can't carry on it mid game conversation under those conditions, I will.

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