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I've gone with france to andrew. I tink i've gone with francis a whole. I mean the only really played the football. They are capable of doing for forty five minutes in this tournament. And that was against Switzerland it was exhilarating but like a brief brief candle Turkey were horrendous. It's almost much more from them. And the dutch were as dear. Telegraph said throwing sandon or is also uefa. Forget the final for a second. Generally across this tournament the constant pandering to the governments in hungary in azerbaijan to the point where they had to distort and twist their own message on a gb t equality was just disappointed. You know if we said this before you're not have been things if you say you're four equality your four inclusion and then you just waiver on it because you wanna keep Some autocrat happy. The generally speaking i would say the the overall Format of this tournament was also a disappointment. I mean not even necessarily the twenty four team format. I i mean the idea of there. Being games played across the entire continent numb. I thought created a little bit of imbalance in terms of certain teams getting certain advantages You know the difficulty for fans to To be a part of it because of the weather straight. Yeah i absolutely i felt they got absolutely screwed by the by the by the system and i think safran has said he he personally would not want. I think he was speaking in in the royal. We that you wear for wouldn't go back to this. This format again. Yeah i mean this was supposed to be a one off right. This was supposed to be for the sixty year anniversary. They wanted like they had this ideal. All of your. I mean i don't know. But yeah i would say it. Didn't it didn't land the way that maybe they had hoped it would all right. Who stock rose the most. I have a few i've got. I've got a few here as well do you want. Do you wanna go first. Yes sure i mean. I'll go with my my most obvious one i. I don't know maybe. Italian fans will disagree and say his stock was already high. But i just. I just come out of this. Viewing federico as differently than i did coming in. I always knew he was a good player. Obviously he's adventists. But now i kind of him as a world elite and. I didn't necessarily do that before so for me. It's it's kind of simple like he kind of really upped himself up into the next ashkelon of of really talented young players So him for one The other one somewhat quickly here because we've talked a lot about him pedri again just a young player of the tournament for me for i think officially to at just eighteen years old to be playing and by the way. Jj so he played all that time for barcelona during the season then he came to this tournament and played like a billion minutes and his summer is not over. he's he's going to be playing in the olympics for spain. This is like yeah. But but meanwhile like weston mckennie like the thought of of appeals. Second rain like setting foot in the us for the gold cup is just not like it's impossible again. I get it. I'm not criticizing bear halter. Just funny that like patriot could just never stopped playing. Like guys who played in one game for the concha captioning nations league. It's like no that's it. Shut him down. But like i saw a what accord from louis c. k. about pedri. It really sums it up. This is from his own manager says what patriots done in these euros. I have never seen with an eighteen year old. not from anyone in the euro's world cups olympic games. It's something away from all logic. That's a nice thing to say to have your manager. Say about you so proud patriot. He's he's going to be just a brilliant brilliant player. I agree i think In my stock rising. I have spin zola for his early performances. And your stock always rises in your absence. Never forget that I talk variety was excellent. Kiiza and patriot have included. I think lewis enrique as a manager. His stock has gone through the roof. yeah recall is to is through the roof strong. It's not a good call because spain. We all thought that spain could only do one thing. And i think we came out of this tournament not feeling that way about them that they fun to watch that they were really like an added bonus to this tournament. Yet roberto mancini. Obviously i think hole. We're talking about louis. Enrica st changing style spans. Dna still pretty solid in the possession. Game roberto mancini to do what he did with an international team. And i know they couldn't always play like that but who does in the nocco tournament of a knockout stages of tournament even even the great brazilian teams didn't always come up and play with the same kind of Spirit as they had group stages mancini for me masterful masterful performance from him span. Imports goes twenty thirty world cup. Bid for reasons. As i've already said i think luke shawl constantly ramming it down the throat of joe's marine. You know just wonderful performance. I mean as good as united fans will tell you is being for them any has to do it on this kind of stage into score a goal in the semifinal was like dotson other thing for me for twenty minutes. Garrett's okay so show giving de lorenzo such a tough time and then decided not to keep doing it. Just madness to me. I thought iron ramsey had a great tournament is well. I enjoyed his goal against turkey. As much as i've enjoyed anything I think italian football stock has risen under. This is a country who despite what people will tell you with grateful pulling nation. Well it's twelve game is in serious bother. I believe and it's not in decline but it is in bother even when you see inter-milan top team rather internacional early as they want to be called You know top team like this struggling hugely financially and the whole tobacco there who was going to buy the tv deal spitting writes all of that. I think this was a grit summer for italian football. That their national team could could embody such positivity and denmark as a country the way it came together for this summer the football they played in the wake of you know unfathomable trauma watching team it. Pass away on the field only firm to come back to life Amazing demer provided so many amazing moments in this tournament. And that's my stock risen. Had one other one which is an interesting one just like i. It's a player. We talked about five years ago and then didn't and now five years later. I thought renato sanchez at portugal had a really strong as as we saw him win. This competition as child there were such huge hopes for him and then he is about with byron. Went to swazi. Didn't work and then he kind of disappeared except not really because he's been lille where he was a big part of their title-winning campaign season. And now you know the these euros almost like a rebirth for his public profile. So see what happens. There's already talked. There's already talk about liverpool. Being interested in tottenham being interested in them so we'll see what happens but he was. He was really fun to watch for portugal avenue. It needs to happen now for him as he's Just twenty three maj doing all that in your career. Twenty-three right and like still have people consider your disappointment. Doesn't seem fair but.

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