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A little early to really it could be a little early to really cow what the longrun back could it be and i mean that's ethically something that i think most professional economist could agree with to david they would say we can even longer view and they look you really need to step back and look at look for a look over the years and years for your able to a that he no kind of what a president thrill infected bad and so the day might kinda professional economist and women at derby make kind of agree that a little bit and to be giving credit one way or the other for for what we came to far did one thing that i think is bingeeating air you know i after the story ran i got some some questions from the reader and on twitter and up like that where they federal what about you know how much of it deep they asked me it about the stock market and nam kadena stockmarket up quite a bit from the election i have to say i don't think it's a very compelling explanation because we're really thing did split the develop gift in the past to come on the stock market had been on a care for for eight years i mean that's not a sixmonth nominate here and in factor and the stock market you know you should have been pretty happy about things that turned around really guy philippe by 2013 echoing stocks had already kinda double header almost tripled from their bottom at that point mieno 2014 2015 stock market kept setting new record 2016 kept hitting new records go i don't think that the idea that did the dhaka market explained paid i mean yet stock markets up to the election but the dock markets been up for years and years here and i think did you know the idea that maybe mineral became more doc than women are and i'll take it makes a lot of these josh wall street journal economics reporter josh zoom bring it is twenty minutes now after the hour on this.

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