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Yeah right here's adam even my own yeah yeah i guess now kind of how they're doing it now did you have to enter a credit card number four the by now butter they'll just like honor honor for immediately called news just like sitting over the wiring instructions oh my god i got to go she asians far as the price goes no no there's no no okay we now welcome come on very special guests were in his home his rented home in long island it's brooks kepco he is the usa open two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen champion and also the pj champ return champion right so you're not a defender crown here this weekend at bethpage black an i wanna start with the most important question you have three majors you're very good looking you got muscles you've got the whole fucking tan and everything what's your problem i got no problem okay well we got a problem maybe one problem rental okay yes we asked him brandel chamblee that might come around yeah sure but seriously like you need who were gonna start a whole rebranded brooks kepco on this show you are too perfect so we need to figure out like give us your biggest weakness start biggest weakness to reality tv that's why that's right i know joyce rent real house last year yeah yeah there was a you got skinny recently and i did that pissed off america that's that was really interesting going into the masters because people were mad at you that you lost weight i know it or not i know everyone else's china when he was just like i wish brooks would put on thirty pounds and get back to like say how many how much weight did you lose like thirty pounds in what what's the plan behind that is one of the look good now is this yeah he's wanna look good yeah ramp yeah well yeah yeah you might as well go you actually lost power though when you drive right yeah and were not gulf guys but what will go sprinkle couple of goals wasn't that bad to lose power under dr i mean it's not good so long you noticed it like were you like what what's going on here and you just start eating again yeah well yeah once we got everything done squared away all the photo shoots done we a a definitely eight like a champ but i know that okay so you're ugly cheeseburgers yeah did you actually have photo shoots oh yeah so you lost weight yeah proponent of look good yeah yeah who doesn't wanna look good as you stop working out after yes okay that's right also working out before how much she basically says oh no i've been benched time it's been six weeks really longtime longtime right though i heard that you used to be able to put up three fifteen yeah i could how many times just wants oh i also heard they used a workout sometimes after rounds is that true yeah before after one is that weird though like if you're lifting weights before you go out on the course doesn't affect i feel like if i do three triceps extensions i can't shoot a basketball for like a week afterwards look better in the shirt so much meteor she idea a very tight that's on my list is well a sweet i wanna go back because like golf is one of those sports at everyone always thinks like oh you like the fact guys can play it's you know phil mickelson back in the day now it's completely different you guys train like you're in the nfl or like mb were not that big but where do you guys have out there guys yeah no reason the port authority regiment like and they all season like are you training every single day yeah in the off season yeah i mean you might as well what else do i not playing golf i got better things to do oh how long do you go without playing golf and yahoo i'll go six weeks that's really yeah when you get back out on of course after six weeks do you notice like a a major major health line i'm really i just do you give yourself.

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