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Coming up in five minutes at the bottom of the hour. Right now, it's nine twenty five. Let's check traffic and weather together every ten minutes on. The FIS with loose towers the investigation continuing and Agoura hills after motorcyclist driven by a CHP officer while about this. Let's redo that the CHP motorcyclists ran into the center divider. This is on the westbound side of the one zero one before chest borough. The three left lanes are closed that leaves the two right lanes open and P wants to reopen all lanes by eleven o'clock. There's still have to do some wrapping up of their investigation. And the eastbound side all the lanes are open. That's the good news. The not so good news is you're backed up all the way to Las virgin as you can get off their down to a grow. Rub go pass Chaz borough Canaan to get back on. That's your best alternate to get around them. It's the slowing from Las version is to just before chess borough, then it's wide open for you. And then in Woodland Hills on the westbound side of the one on one at Mulholland Drive, a four vehicle crashes in lanes being cleared Sherman oaks on the eastbound side of the one one after woodmen look out for. Some metal debris this about sit around middle lanes. And in this sepulveda's pass in the four zero five south of gerbo center. A car fire has been extinguished but fire crews are blocking the off ramp where the car of what remains of it is sitting there blocking the off ramp to screwball center drive. Next report's coming up at nine thirty five. I'm used hours with more traffic reports. More often can't extend seventy NewsRadio sunny and hot weather, mid eighties. Maybe even upper eighties for some.

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